“Unsupported IIS Security Modes for Report Server” failed When you try to upgrade SQL 2005 to 2014

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Issue Background:


Customer is running SQL Server 2005(X64) on Windows Server 2008, and they want to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 with in-place(can't accept side by side). But during the upgrading, the following rules are failed, this is related to Reporting Service, but actually customer never use it.

Rule "Unsupported IIS Security Modes for Report Server" failed.

Rule "Unsupported IIS Security Modes for Report Manager" failed.

Rule "Client Certificate Required for Report Server" failed.

Rule "Client Certificate Required for Report Manager" failed.



Troubleshooting Steps:


1. As this related to SSRS, so check if we can ignore the SSRS service only upgrade the other SQL service, but we can't change the feature to be upgraded. 



2. And then discussed with customer about the side by side upgrading, but they can't accept. 


3. Suggest customer to upgrade the OS first, but we also can't make sure this will 100% work.


4. Then we go back to the error itself, this is related to IIS. So I open up Server Manager, and check IIS related service, WAS and W3SVC already running, but we saw IIS Admin Service is stopped. 



5. We go to Services.msc and then set the Startup type to Manual and then start this “IIS Admin Service”, and then after re-run the rule, all rules are passed. 

6. And then we continue Upgrading, after a while, upgrade completed without any other issue, 





GO to Server Manager, and check IIS related service, make sure IIS related service is up and running, especially for WAS/W3SVC/IIS Admin Service. 




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