ISC West 2020 Virtual Event: Live Video Analytics from Microsoft Azure Media Services

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Missed our Live Video Analytics webinar at the ISC West 2020 Virtual Event earlier this month? Don’t worry, you can now watch the on-demand webinar


Live Video Analytics (LVA) is a new service from Microsoft that enables developers to apply computer vision, machine learning and AI analysis to live video streams in the Cloud or on the Edge.  

With the proliferation of IP cameras, businesses across industries such as retail, healthcare, public safety, transportation, etc. want to increasingly leverage live video analytics to enhance their business objectives.  

From the presentation, you will: 

  • Get an overview of the LVA platform 
  • Learn about LVA’s capabilities,  
  • Watch a demo to see how you can analyze a video feed by leveraging an open-source Yolo v3 model to count vehicles in real-time.  

Additionally, learn how to combine Azure services such as Custom Vision, Computer Vision (Spatial analysis), and deep learning toolkits/SDKs from partners such as Intel’s OpenVINO and NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK  with LVA to build rich video analytics applications that combine video analysis with other business data to make smarter business decisions. 


Watch the on-demand webinar now. 

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