Azure Data Explorer performance update (EngineV3) – GA

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Today we are announcing the general availability of Azure Data Explorer performance update that includes a brand new version of the Kusto analytical engine - Kusto EngineV3. The new version of the engine is the fruition of a massive investment in core data platform technology and can perform complex queries up to 100 times faster than the current (very fast) version of the Kusto engine. Moreover, the CPU consumption for running queries can be up to 30 times lower, a drop which has huge direct implications on service's TCO (total cost of ownership).


This dramatic performance and cost improvements are achieved via redesign of the data storage format, native code generation for portions of the query plan, and automatic selection of strategies based on data shard statistics. The Azure Data Explorer product team and a growing circle of customers are running the EngineV3 in production. Starting from today EngineV3 becomes the default engine for new clusters created via Azure Portal or through ARM APIs. Existing EngineV2 clusters will be migrated over time, however if you are interested in earlier migration, please open a support ticket. 

Checkout the GA launch video and Mark Russinovich demo in the "Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture" talk at Ignite.



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