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We are pleased to share a set of new resources on storytelling for Champions


Our overall goal for delivering these new resources is to enable you and your organization to achieve greater results from your adoption and change management programs. Stories are an amazing way to connect with people through shared experiences, inspire others to act, and are an influential way to communicate. Storytelling can play a key role in any change journey as a powerful way to showcase examples of the new behavior change in action.  


I have worked with enterprise customers at Microsoft for nearly two decades and have seen the impact of great adoption success stories when they are shared by champion business users who have realized the positive impact of change. This has helped them grow and enhance executive sponsorship, lowered resistance to change among later adopters, inspired new ideas, and reinforced the value of the change program.


The resources include:

  • A new storytelling guide that includes:
    • A framework for finding and growing good success stories: Empower, Capture, Amplify, Learn;
    • A sample structure for capturing compelling stories: Situation, Complication, Resolution, The Point;
    • And additional learning resources.
  • A storytelling course on LinkedIn Learning where you can also earn a certificate for completion.

We encourage you to take a look and leverage with your teams. We also welcome your feedback here on how we can improve this and other resources on the site to keep inspiring your communities to achieve more!


​Access the content at storytelling for Champions.


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