Custom containers in Azure Machine Learning managed online endpoints

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Today, we are announcing the public preview of the ability to use custom Docker containers in Azure Machine Learning online endpoints. In combination with our new 2.0 CLI, this feature enables you to deploy a custom Docker container while getting Azure Machine Learning online endpoints’ built-in monitoring, scaling, and alerting capabilities.


Below, we walk you through how to use this feature to deploy TensorFlow Serving with Azure Machine Learning. The full code is available in our samples repository.


Sample deployment with TensorFlow Serving


To deploy a TensorFlow model with TensorFlow Serving, first create a YAML file:


name: tfserving-endpoint type: online auth_mode: aml_token traffic:   tfserving: 100 deployments:   - name: tfserving     model:       name: tfserving-mounted       version: 1       local_path: ./half_plus_two     environment_variables:       MODEL_BASE_PATH: /var/azureml-app/azureml-models/tfserving-mounted/1       MODEL_NAME: half_plus_two     environment:       name: tfserving       version: 1       docker:         image:       inference_config:         liveness_route:           port: 8501           path: /v1/models/half_plus_two         readiness_route:           port: 8501           path: /v1/models/half_plus_two         scoring_route:           port: 8501           path: /v1/models/half_plus_two:predict     instance_type: Standard_F2s_v2     scale_settings:      scale_type: manual       instance_count: 1       min_instances: 1       max_instances: 2


Then create your endpoint:


az ml endpoint create -f endpoint.yml


And that’s it! You now have a scalable TensorFlow Serving endpoint running on Azure ML-managed compute.

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