Download Logic app run history from internal ISE

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If you have an internal ISE then you will have difficulties to see the run history for the actions especially for failing action and during the development 


Usually you need to create Virtual machine connected to the same Vnet to be able to see these logs from Azure Portal.


If you open the failed run for one of the logic app from a machine which is not connected to ISE vnet,  you will get the below error

Unexpected error. Failed to fetch 


And the reason for this problem is due to  browser does not have permissions to the endpoint

if you review the network panel for chrome dev tool you will find that there are some failed requests





You could filter these request if you used the keyword  status-code:0



the URL should look like the below 




The Solution 


The workaround was to build a flow inside the same ISE that can download these files and send it in email or store it in storage account




Send Email with the file content as attachment





Unfortunately, the Url need to be fixed in the logic app flow since there is no way to call this Logic app with parameters even if you use the feature run with payload because in this case the request will be initiated from Developer machine




The source code for the Downloader flow



{ "definition": { "$schema": "", "actions": { "Download_HTTP": { "inputs": { "method": "GET", "uri": "@variables('URL_to_Download')" }, "runAfter": { "URL": [ "Succeeded" ] }, "type": "Http" }, "Send_an_email_(V2)": { "inputs": { "body": { "Attachments": [ { "ContentBytes": "@{base64(body('Download_HTTP'))}", "Name": "Run.json" } ], "Body": "<p>URL is<br>\n@{variables('URL_to_Download')}</p>", "Subject": "Run information @{utcNow()}", "To": "...." }, "host": { "connection": { "name": "@parameters('$connections')['office365_2']['connectionId']" } }, "method": "post", "path": "/v2/Mail" }, "runAfter": { "Download_HTTP": [ "Succeeded" ] }, "type": "ApiConnection" }, "URL": { "inputs": { "variables": [ { "name": "URL_to_Download", "type": "string", "value": "https://.." } ] }, "runAfter": {}, "type": "InitializeVariable" } }, "contentVersion": "", "outputs": {}, "parameters": { "$connections": { "defaultValue": {}, "type": "Object" } }, "triggers": { "manual": { "inputs": { "schema": {} }, "kind": "Http", "type": "Request" } } }, "parameters": { "$connections": { "value": { "office365_2": { "connectionId": "/subscriptions/../resourceGroups/CSS-ISE-TEST/providers/Microsoft.Web/connections/office365-9", "connectionName": "office365-9", "id": "/subscriptions/.../providers/Microsoft.Web/locations/westus/managedApis/office365" } } } } }






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