Debug application issues faster with video recordings

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New capabilities are coming to Test Base for Microsoft 365 that will aid further investigation and analysis of failures encountered when testing your applications against the latest Windows releases.

Today, we are announcing the first new capability, the ability to download videos of screen recordings for any test failures encountered through Test Base. This feature will give you more visibility on how your tests perform on a virtual machine (VM) and help you analyze any failures without the need to access the VM itself.

Video recording for test failures

We have implemented these new enhancements based on your feedback. Without having VM access, some of you commented that analyzing and testing seemed like a black box, and that you wanted to see how and where a failure happened in order to investigate and remediate more effectively. While we still cannot provide direct access to the VMs used in the Test Base service, this video recording feature effectively provides much needed visibility into test execution and performance against the Windows releases you select for your testing efforts and can you help you more easily identify any failure points.

The video recording feature will be provided out of the box for all current Test Base customers with no additional work required from you to enable this for your tests. In case of a test execution failure, a video recording is captured and subsequently made available for download on the portal for a period of one week.

Not sure how to get started? Follow the steps below—or watch our short demo.

  1. Navigate to the Test results page on your Azure portal.
  2. Click on the Videos Download link , then select Download to download the video file.

The video will now be downloaded to your default downloads folder.  You can then watch the video in a media player of your choice.

As we continue to innovate and build our service to meet all your application testing requirements, we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on this new feature! Leave your thoughts below or email us at

Interested in signing up for Test Base for Microsoft 365? If you are an ISV, you can onboard your applications by signing up to participate in the Private Preview. If you are an enterprise organization, you can nominate your ISV for participation using the same form. Please visit and follow the steps to sign up.


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