Summarize text with Text Analytics API

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Text Analytics extractive summarization is in public preview!


The extractive summarization feature in Text Analytics uses natural language processing techniques to locate key sentences in an unstructured text document. These sentences collectively convey the main idea of the document. This feature is provided as an API for developers. They can use it to build intelligent solutions based on the relevant information extracted to support various use cases.


In the public preview, extractive summarization supports 10 languages.  It is based on pretrained multilingual transformer models, part of our quest for holistic representations.  It draws its strength from transfer learning across monolingual and harness the shared nature of languages to produce models of improved quality and efficiency. The 10 languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean,  Portuguese (Portugal), and Portuguese (Brazilian). 

Learn more about Text Analytics extractive summarization



Quickstart offers an easy way to get started with any of the Text Analytics offerings.

Text Analytics v3.1 GA Announcement



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