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In this monthly blog, we frequently ask students to share their thoughts about technology and the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program—what technologies they’re curious about, what brought them to the community, what they’ve been working on, what they want to learn next, etc. However, in this installment, we’re switching things up a bit and asked them to look inwards and share insights into their personalities.


While our Student Ambassadors are quite diverse in many respects, you’ll find some common themes when it comes to their personalities.  Bottom line: if you haven’t discovered this already, you’ll find that our community is quite an impressive group… 


Responses have been edited for clarity. 


What adjectives describe you best? 

Several were frequently brought up by students: 








What personality trait of yours are you the proudest of and why? 

The traits most frequently brought up were: 

  • Caring, selfless, helpful, kind 

“Whenever someone asks help from me, I always give my best to help the person, and he/she gets the most positive outcome.”

--Vishesh Tripathi

“With all the difficulties that we are facing now, it’s more important than ever to be kind and help others.”

-- R Pranav Ajay  


  • Curious about learning new things, ambitious

“I’m always eager to learn more. “ 

-- Saúl Yael Puente Ruiz  (Saul Puente) 

“I am proud of my readiness and eagerness to learn something new as I think it helps me to grow as a better human being and transform myself to be a better version of myself.” 

--Patel Jay 


  • Persevering, persistent 

“When I focus on something, I won’t stop, e.g. when I learn a new module, I can keep going till 2 am / 3 am (if my parents are not home haha). 

-- Raymond Wangsa Putra 

“Persistence keeps me going, and I embrace failures in life. It motivates me to try and get experience and learn from my mistakes even if I fail several times.” 

-- Prasansha Satpathy 


Which trait has helped you the most as a Student Ambassador?  

There was some overlap between the qualities named here and those in the question above.  Some of the common traits that emerged from the responses received are: 

  • Communicative

“My communication ability has helped me the most. It has given me the confidence to speak in the Teams channels {editor’s note: this is the platform on which Student Ambassadors and the program team communicate and collaborate] and to organize sessions. It also helped me sort my Imposter Syndrome issue.” 

-- Debakripa Das Ray 

“My communication skills. It is one of the most important skills to have as a Student Ambassador.” 

-- Dhanya Hegde 

“Being good at explaining new concepts easily has helped me.” 

-- Aditya Agarwal 


  • Being curious, passionate 

“Being curious allows me to embrace the program in its full glory.” 

-- Gino Messmer 

“Being curious has always helped in so many ways than I can mention.” 

-- Swati Rajwal 


Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  

Here is the breakdown of how respondents described themselves: 

Pi graph showing the percentage of students who are extrovert, introvert, or ambivert.Pi graph showing the percentage of students who are extrovert, introvert, or ambivert.

“I am 100% pure introvert since I guess my birth, and I still haven’t changed much! But I have changed a lot in terms of not despairing my innate traits and rather, just understanding that its part of me and that’s ok!” 

--R Pranav Ajay

“I am 100% an Extrovert. I like to talk with people, to discuss, to listen to them.” 

--Raymond Wangsa Putra 


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? 

Over 40% of respondents would want to be a bird, with half of that group specifically naming “eagle”.  Exploration and freedom were frequently mentioned as reasons. 

“I want to become a Philippine Eagle because of its majestic wings, and I want to fly everywhere that I’ve never been before. It represents a love for freedom.” 

--Mark Nhonny Rengel Garcia 


Nearly a fifth of respondents would want to be a cat. 

“They’re incredibly adorable furballs” 

--Debakripa Das Ray 

“Because I’m so lazy to talk, having one sound (“meow”) coming out of my mouth would be timesaving. Just one word to get me food or water--nice!” 

--Lethokuhle Shandu 


Other animals included lion, wolf, and dog, but 2 notable responses were: 

“An ant because of their determination and focus “ 

--Patel Jay 

“Cockroach. For real. It’s one of the most durable animals on earth, it can squeeze its body to ¼ of its size, it can live without its head for 3 weeks, and it has been on earth for 300 million years. I want to have that ability to adapt and longevity in the tech world.” 

--Raymond Wangsa Putra


Student Ambassadors were asked to take a fun “16 Personalities” test that is quite popular these days. Here are the results:   

Graph showcasing 16 Personalities test results.Graph showcasing 16 Personalities test results.

*based on the number of respondents 


A large preponderance of respondents were ENFJs and INFJs.  ENFJs are Protagonists.  They are charismatic and inspiring leaders who are able to mesmerize their listeners, while INFJs are Advocates who are quiet and mystical yet very inspiring and tireless idealists. 

Which personality type are you?  Take the test and share your results in the comments section below! 


If you’re not yet a Student Ambassador but are considering joining, don’t delay a moment longer.  Learn more about our wonderful community now! 

And Student Ambassadors, we’d love to hear your voice in the next Community Voices blog.  Keep your eyes peeled on our Teams site for our monthly blog announcements. 


See you next month! 


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