PnP Batch Add or Delete items from very large list, i.e. more than 300k items

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I was tasked to delete more than 300k items loaded as part of testing from a very large SharePoint list, I used the script from the blog post describing the difference of speed using batches, scriptblock and without batches. The conclusion was batches and scriptblock were equally fast and faster than without the use of batches. 


Get-PnPListItem -List $list -Fields "ID" -PageSize 100 -ScriptBlock { Param($items) $items | Sort-Object -Property Id -Descending | ForEach-Object{ $_.DeleteObject() } } 


Unfortunately the script kept producing errors like "The collection has not been initialised" , "A task has been canceled" or "The operation has timed out" at irregular intervals and had to manually restart the script to resume deletion of remaining items.




$action = Read-Host "Enter the action you want to perform, e.g. Add or Delete" $siteUrl = "" $listName = "TestDemo" $ErrorActionPreference="Stop" Connect-PnPOnline –Url $siteUrl -interactive $Stoploop = $false [int]$Retrycount = "0" write-host $("Start time " + (Get-Date)) do { try { if($action -eq "Add") { $lst = Get-PnPList -Identity $listName if($lst.ItemCount -lt 300000) { $startInc = $lst.ItemCount while($lst.ItemCount -lt 300000) { $batch = New-PnPBatch #perform in increment of 1000 until 300k is reached if($startInc+1000 -gt 300000) { $endNu = 300000 } else { $endNu = $startInc+1000 } for($i=$startInc;$i -lt ($endNu);$i++) { Add-PnPListItem -List $listName -Values @{"Title"="Test $i"} -Batch $batch } Invoke-PnPBatch -Batch $batch $lst = Get-PnPList -Identity $listName } } } if($action -eq "Delete") { $listItems= Get-PnPListItem -List $listName -Fields "ID" -PageSize 1000 $itemIds = $lisItems | Foreach {$_.Id} $itemCount = $listItems.Count while($itemCount -gt 0) { $batch = New-PnPBatch #delete in batches of 1000, if itemcount is less than 1000 , all will be deleted if($itemCount -lt 1000) { $noDeletions = 0 } else { $noDeletions = $itemCount -1000 } for($i=$itemCount-1;$i -ge $noDeletions;$i--) { Remove-PnPListItem -List $listName -Identity $listItems[$i].Id -Batch $batch } Invoke-PnPBatch -Batch $batch $itemCount = $itemCount-1000 } } Write-Host "Job completed" $Stoploop = $true } catch { if ($Retrycount -gt 3){ Write-Host "Could not send Information after 3 retrys." $Stoploop = $true } else { Write-Host "Could not send Information retrying in 30 seconds..." Start-Sleep -Seconds 30 Connect-PnPOnline –Url $siteUrl -interactive $Retrycount = $Retrycount + 1 } } } While ($Stoploop -eq $false) write-host $("End time " + (Get-Date))



The script took up to 4 hours to add 300k items. The script resumed despite an error happening. 



The script took 7.5 hours to delete 300k items with a couple of retries.  





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