Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Ninja Training: September 2021 Update

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We have published a lot of new Microsoft Defender for Office 365 resources over the past few months and these are now included in the Ninja training. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is what has been added since its initial release in April, 2021.



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Module (ordered by Competency Level)

What's new

Email Security - Fundamentals:

Module 4. Protection Feature


Email Security - Intermediate:

Module 2. Alert Management


Email Security - Intermediate:

Module 4. ZAP (Zero-hour auto purge)

Email Security - Intermediate:

Module 5. Investigating Alerts

Email Security - Intermediate:

Module 9. Alert Handling

Email Security - Intermediate:

Module 10. Manage quarantined messages

Email Security - Advanced:

Module 5. Attack Simulation Training




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