How to start with KQL Oct 2021

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KQL stands for Kusto Query Language. It's the language used to query the Azure Data Explorer, Azure Defenders, Azure log databases: Azure Monitor Logs, Azure Monitor Application Insights and others. Kusto databases are perfect for massive amounts of streamed data like application logs and telemetry database.

here is a short check list on how to start your journey with KQL, Kusto Query Language.


  1. Courses
    1. KQL basic and advance free on-line courses, start with the first ~20 operators that will be used 80% of your time and move forward to advanced capabilities with Scan, Geospatial, Time Series and others.  TzviaGitlinTroyna_0-1635065348826.png
      1. Exploring Data in Microsoft Azure Using Kusto Query Language and Azure Data Explorer
      2. Microsoft Azure Data Explorer - Advanced KQL
  2. Exploration Cluster
    try it yourselves with a preloaded cluster 
    1. Help Cluster:
  3. Usage flow & Docs 
    1. Kusto Query Overview 
    2. Query (from SQL to KQL, Query best practices
    3. Samples for Kusto queries 
    4. Tutorial: Kusto Queries
  4. Videos 
    1. YouTube Channel KQL playlist
  5. Community
    the product group is waiting for your questions and requests in one of the below 
    1. Twitter: @AzDataExplorer
    2. Tech Community Blog:
    3. LinkedIn
    4. YouTube 
    5. Stack Overflow: Tags: Kusto, Azure Data Explorer, KQL

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