Azure Sphere MT3620 Insights – November 2021

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As the season of Fall begins to color the leaves of northern hemisphere locales such as Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, it brings with it the joy of connecting with loved ones through seasonal holidays and connecting with the transient beauty of nature preparing for cold, dark winter. This is also a time for Azure Sphere to focus on a different sort of connectivity. This month’s OS update paves the way for Azure Sphere to be connected in more relevant environments than ever.


Azure Sphere now supports web proxy. We’re really excited about this because it’s so helpful for so many customer applications. Azure Sphere was designed to provide end-to-end encrypted dataflow, but I’ve been asked what does this do for network security? Does it help participate in the policies and analysis of network traffic to detect and thwart malicious network intruders? With web proxy, Azure Sphere devices can now engage with enterprise network security systems, policies, tools and procedures!


Another item of interest is that Azure Sphere has laid the foundations for improving MQTT support across multiple clouds. Hybrid cloud solutions are more relevant now than ever, and Azure Sphere was designed to support connectivity for anything you may want to securely connect to. One of the best benefits of Azure Sphere is its Microsoft managed identity, backed by our Azure Sphere Security Service. This service provides a certificate that proves that the device is authentic, rooted in hardware trust, and has been forced to attest its configuration. This certificate, by default, is used as a client TLS certificate to connect to any Azure service. We’re paving the way to make this certificate even more useful for connecting to other cloud services so you can trust the device’s identity and easily connect as needed. We hope to put out additional documentation around how to solve these problems, so stay tuned for more!


Whatever season you may be experiencing this month, we wish you the best—and many connections both digital and human!

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