IoT Central data export to Azure Data Explorer and Azure Synapse data explorer

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Azure Data Explorer is a powerful platform for providing IoT Analytics for your organization. Combining it with Azure IoT Central which is your gateway to connect and manage IoT Devices provides a seamless platform for managing and analyzing your IoT devices.

Now you can utilize data export in IoT Central to send data directly to Azure Data Explorer.




Check out this document and a quick demo video from Sekhar Kutikuppala, Sr. Program Manager, Azure IoT Central.




If you already have an IoT Application in IoT Central, you can simply select Azure Data Explorer as destination type in your data export and fill in following details:

  • Cluster URL:
    • For Azure Data Explorer clusters – the URL will be in the following format: https://{cluster}.{region}
    • For Azure Synapse data explorer, the URL will be in the following format: https://{data explorer pool name}.{synapse workspace name}
  • Database name
  • Table name
    • Note: there is no need to specific mapping, in this case IoT Central is managing this for you
  • Client ID: enter your service principal ID (if you don’t have, refer this doc.
  • Tenant ID: enter your Azure Active Directly tenant ID
  • Client secret: enter your service principal secret




You can also try this functionality out in your own environment by following the below lab which will walk you through the entire process.

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