Grow Your IoT Business with Microsoft Defender for IoT and Device Certification

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Microsoft Defender for IoT, formerly Azure Defender for IoT, is a comprehensive IoT/OT security solution for discovering IoT and Operational Technology (OT) devices, identifying vulnerabilities, and continuously monitoring for threats. 


Microsoft Defender for IoT is available in both agentless and agent-based architectures, integrated with Microsoft’s cloud-based security ecosystem. Targeting end-user security organizations, the agentless version uses network-layer monitoring with zero performance impact on the network; does not require any changes to existing devices; secures both legacy unmanaged as well as managed devices; and is available for both on-premises and cloud-connected environments. 


The agent-based solution uses a lightweight, endpoint micro-agent enabling IoT device builders and fleet operators to build an additional layer of security into new IoT devices and Azure IoT projects. Available with source code for standard IoT operating systems including Linux and Azure RTOS, it provides continuous endpoint visibility into real-time security posture management and threat detection.


Edge Secured-core certified devices meet additional security requirements around device identity, secure boot, operating system hardening, device updates, data protection, and vulnerability disclosures; they also must include a built-in security agent and security by default.


Recently, we were joined by Idan Perkal, Chris Hallum, and Deepak Manohar on a webinar focused on the agent-based solution for securing managed devices. The session discussed how Microsoft can help IoT device builders create next-generation devices with built-in security, and fleet or solution operators to centrally assess and protect their devices – leading to increased revenue and margins.


We dove into the solution architecture, explaining the flow from the data sources up to the processing and response. Additionally, the session included two short demonstrations: the Device Inventory experience and the Threat Detection capability.


We also presented capabilities which are exclusively available for devices with the Microsoft Defender for IoT micro-agent, and how you as a fleet operator can choose and buy these managed devices, and assure they have these security capabilities. We ended our discussion by talking about the benefits you receive when choosing Microsoft as your end-to-end IoT security solution, and a look forward to the capabilities that are coming soon.


Watch the full session to learn all about growing your IoT business with Microsoft Defender for IoT and Edge Secured-core Devices:


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