Office Add-in Samples – December 2021 update

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The Office Add-ins developer platform team has new updates to share this month on Office Add-in samples.

Encrypt attachments and more with Outlook event-based activation




Contributed by Eric Legault

This sample showcases how to use event-based activation in an Outlook add-in when the user composes an email or appointment/meeting request. It demonstrates how to run tasks based on events that fire when certain data changes when the user:

  • adds an attachment to an email or appointment/meeting request
  • adds recipients or distributions lists as required or optional attendees in a meeting request
  • changes the start or end date or time in an appointment/meeting request
  • adds a notification message to the item when a new email or appointment/meeting request is created, instructing the user to open the task pane for further information

Check out the code sample: Use Outlook event-based activation to encrypt attachments, process meeting request attendees and react to appointment date/time changes

Get started with hello world samples

Learn how to build the simplest Office Add-in with only a manifest, HTML web page, and a logo. These samples will help you understand the fundamental parts of an Office Add-in.

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Thank you to our contributors who are actively helping each month with the Office Add-ins community effort.

maarten-van-stam-github-photo.pngMaarten van Stam

Helping review PRs and issues on Office-Add-ins-samples.



eric-legault-github-photo.pngEric Legault

Creating the sample for encrypting attachments in Outlook using event-based activation.



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