How to set up Alert notification on Service Fabric Cluster state to receive an email notification

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This article helps you to set up Alert notification on Service Fabric Cluster state to receive an email/SMS notification if cluster goes to “Upgrade Service Unreachable”/ Unavailable state.


Step 1:

Go to Service Fabric Resource -> Resource Health and Add Resource health Alert



Step 2:

Under Alert Condition segment, Choose the fields to configure when the alert rule should trigger.



Step 3:

Add Action group to send notifications or invoke actions when the alert rule triggers meeting the Alert conditions.

Note: You can choose the previously created Action group as well.



(Or) Create new Action group

Choose a notification type/mode to get notified.



Step 4: Fill other details and “Create alter rule”.


Step 5:

Sample Alert triggered when cluster goes to “UpgradeServiceUnreachable” state.

You can click on Alert link for more details.

From Azure-Portal:



Email notification:




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