Day 6 of 30 Days of Learning Data Analysis Using Power BI for Students

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Let's Take Account of Our Learnings

You will agree with me that it's been a week full of engagement. many things to learn and build. This is why Day 6 of 30 will be time to take account of the things you have learnt.


Before I share a recap of what we co-learn this week, let me call your attention to why your dedication and focus will pay off. During the week, I received messages and chats from lots of people on how they have been able to do what they couldn't do before. I saw lots of projects being showcased on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, WhatsApp statuses, etc. I knew that there is a new wave of data army being raised and these people will shake the world with their novel skill, technical, social, and economical contribution to the world.


In case you haven't been able to do so much, don't give up. During my days in the University, I sometimes struggle to catch-up with a topic in class and I will find myself going back to read more about the topic and practice harder for me to pass. At the end, I used to pass with a good grade.

What does this mean? It simply means if you are yet to do all these amazing stuffs, here is yet another opportunity to catch-up.


Let's have the recap below:


Day 1: Exploring the World of Analytics


Learning Objectives

  • Exploring the world of Analytics 
  • Understanding Business Value 
  • Intro to MS Excel and Excel Look Up 

Topics Covered

  • The World of Analytics – BI and Data Analysis 
  • Start with Value and not the Tool 
  • Few Steps to Take for all Your Data Analysis Projects 
  • Microsoft Excel Repeating the Miracle 
  • Excel VLOOKUP 
  • Excel Pivot tables, Charts, Building reports

Access the session video contents here: 


Day 2: Getting Data for your Personal Projects


Learning Objective

Get access to different sites/platform for open source dataset

Learn how to scrape COVID19 Dataset from GitHub using MS Excel


Topics Covered

40 Free Dataset for your personal projects
COVID19 Dataset in Excel - Web scraping examples


Access the session video contents here 


Day 3: Build COVID-19 Dashboard With MS Excel


Learning Objective

Participants should be able to scrape COVID-19 Data from the web and build a stunning dashboard with it in Excel.


Topics Covered

  • How to Scrape COVID-19 Data from GitHub
  • How to transform the data using Power Query in Power BI
  • How to Analyze the data using Pivot Table
  • How to create visualizations using Pivot Charts
  • How to Tidy Things Up to create a Dashboard


Access the session video contents here 


Day 4: Power BI Dashboard at the Click of a Button


Learning Objective

  • Participants should be able to create a Power BI Dashboard directly from SharePoint List and within MS Teams at the click of a button. 
  • Participants should be able to embed MS Power BI Dashboard into MS PowerPoint


Topics Covered

How to generate personal analytics dashboard/reports for Microsoft Teams Activities

How to create Power BI report from Microsoft SharePoint List data at the click of a button

How to embed  Microsoft Power BI report in Microsoft PowerPoint slide.


Access the session video contents here 



Day 5: A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst


Learning Objective

This session will present participants with the opportunity to learn from Industry experts what it means to work as a data analyst in the corporate settings.

We invited industry experts who are doing exceedingly well with their career and whose career journey is inspiration to many. make sure you check out the session. 


Access the session video contents here 



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