Day 7 of 30 Days of Learning Data Analysis Using Power BI for Students

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Cloud Skill Challenge

We have setup a cloud skill challenge for you to further help you deepen your knowledge of Microsoft Power BI and Data Analysis using the finest resources from Microsoft Learn. While taking this learning challenge, you gather Experience Points (XP). This is a way to prove how much of time you've given to learning using Microsoft Learn resources. You also get badges for each Module completed and Trophy for each learning path completed.


See My Profile


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This is my profile and you can check it out here too: Feel free to follow me :), I have zero followers :(.


I know that you are encouraged and motivated, so go ahead and start learning.


Before You Join The Challenge

Kindly make sure you join using your personal Microsoft account and not your  Microsoft Developer Account. To be sure, check your account profile using the profile icon at the top right to validate which account you get signed in with, If automatically signed in to your developer account, kindly sign out first and then login with your personal account. Remember your developer account is a temporary provision for learning purposes, In the future, you will need to connect your Learning profile to your Microsoft Certification, this is where it get serious.


Go to the Data Analysis Challenge Page here . Go ahead and accrue more Experience Points. Keep Learning, Keep Growing.






Secret to Completing this Challenge


I know it's not fair that I am sharing secret to complete this challenge with you but promise me that you will take it very serious. Now to the Secrets


  1. Don't wait till few days to the deadline before you start learning
  2. Complete at least 2 Modules per day
  3. Share what you learn daily on LinkedIn and Twitter 


Follow these secrets and thank me later. bye for now :)

Additional Resources


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