Announcing public preview of Time-To-Live (TTL) in managed virtual network

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Today we’re excited to share the public preview of Time-To-Live (TTL) in managed virtual network.


Managed virtual network provides customers with a secure and manageable data integration solution. But due to the limitation of architecture, we need to provision computes in managed virtual network each time we execute an activity. This can lead to relatively long queue times. Especially when you have small jobs that are executed sequentially, it’s not very efficient. So we introduce a TTL feature that allows users to reserve computes and these computes won’t be released within TTL period after the last activity execution.


How does it work

You can configure TTL settings in the integration runtime creation or edit page if this integration runtime enables managed virtual network. Since we use different computes from interactive authoring, copy activity and pipeline/external activity, so you can set different TTL value respectively.




You can see more introductions and one demo in this video



Learn more about managed virtual network and TTL

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