CI/CD improvement using Global Parameters in Azure Data Factory

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We are introducing a new mechanism to include Global parameters in the ARM templates (from 'Manage hub' ->' ARM template' -> 'Include global parameters in ARM template').



It solves the earlier known issue, which overrode some Data Factory level configurations during deployments if the global parameters were included in the ARM template (from 'Manage hub' -> 'Global parameters' -> 'Include in ARM template'). Hence, earlier in such scenarios, we recommended using PowerShell to deploy global parameters and not include them in the ARM template. It resulted in a complex release process.  



  • The change breaks any existing release pipelines you may have for deploying the global parameters (using PowerShell). It is transparent to existing CICD pipelines.
  • If you deployed the global parameters through the ARM template using the older mechanism (from 'Manage hub' -> 'Global parameters' -> 'Include in ARM template').
  • All new setups should include global parameters in the ARM template using the more recent mechanism (from 'Manage hub' ->' ARM template' -> 'Include global parameters in ARM template').
  • The @microsoft/azure-data-factory-utilities npm package for automated deployments is also compatible with the new mechanism for deploying global parameters across environments. 



Global parameters - Azure Data Factory | Microsoft Docs



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