Driving adoption of Microsoft Viva at Microsoft

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There’s a team at Microsoft working hard to help the company’s 220,000-plus employees adopt Microsoft Viva. The Microsoft Digital Employee Experience (MDEE), focuses on Microsoft’s own digital transformation through world-class employee experiences. When Microsoft Viva was announced in 2021 as a modern platform dedicated to employee growth, well-being, and productivity, the MDEE team was tasked with rolling out new technologies, accelerating usage, and collecting feedback and best practices. 

To accomplish this, the team centered around these key areas:

  • Activating sponsors
  • Educating employees
  • Listening to employee feedback
  • Partnering with HR and Learning teams
  • Measuring progress


The impact of these efforts is compelling: business units where we’ve successfully activated senior sponsors have seen 25 percent greater adoption of Microsoft Viva so far. Here are some key takeaways, read the full account and detailed tips on the Microsoft Inside Track blog.



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