Join us for Building with Microsoft Graph – 30DaysOfMSGraph Tuesday 1st Nov 3pm UTC

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30 Days of Microsoft Graph is a gamified learning experience for beginners to get started building apps with Microsoft Graph and JavaScript. We will kick-start learning how to build apps with Microsoft Graph and develop apps based on the given top Microsoft Graph scenarios for a chance to win exciting prizes while connecting with Microsoft Graph Product Group Leaders, Cloud Advocates, MVPs and Student Ambassadors.

Join us for the first session which is part of the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph challenge. In this session we would walk you through what Microsoft Graph is, how it plays a critical role in Microsoft's ecosystem and how you can get started building with Microsoft Graph.
Date: Tuesday 1st November 2022
Time: 3PM UTC 
Visit here for more details on your onboarding:

This is the first week of the 30 Days of Microsoft Graph Challenge! Join the challenge :rocket::

What is Microsoft Graph?

Millions of people across the globe use Microsoft apps in their personal lives, at school, or work. Microsoft Graph is the unified API that makes it possible to access the data and intelligence across Microsoft 365 core services. That's why, it plays a critical role for developers who want to work across Microsoft's ecosystem. 
With Microsoft Graph you can also access data behind the popular Microsoft apps such as Teams, Calendar, Outlook, To-Do, Planner and more.


Interesting part is you can build your own applications on top of Microsoft 365 platform by accessing the available data with the power of Microsoft Graph. You can

  • See what your organisation/students in your school/community are working on, 
  • Organize your day with a quick overview of upcoming meetings,
  • Get your to-do tasks every morning at 9am, or 
  • Receive unread chat messages as a summary.

Learning how to build apps with Microsoft Graph is a critical skill to work across Microsoft technologies. Throughout #30DaysOfMSGraph challenge, we will help you upskill with Microsoft technologies and ecosystem by learning and building apps with Microsoft Graph.

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