Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Seventh Refresh is now available!

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Azure Service Fabric 8.2 Seventh Refresh is now available!

We are excited to announce that the 8.2 Seventh Refresh release of the Service Fabric runtime has started rolling out to the various Azure regions along with tooling and SDK updates. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK, and Service Fabric runtimes can be downloaded from the links provided in Release Notes. The SDK, NuGet packages, and Maven repositories will be available in all regions within 7-10 days.


This release is for Windows only and will be available through manual upgrades. Clusters set to automatic upgrades will not receive this release. For how to configure upgrades, please see classic or managed documentation.


Packages and Versions

  • Service Fabric Runtime
    • Windows - 8.2.1692.9590
  • Service Fabric for Windows Server
    • Service Fabric Standalone Installer Package - 8.2.1692.9590
  • .NET SDK
    • Windows .NET SDK - 5.2.1692
    • Microsoft.ServiceFabric - 8.2.1692
    • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors - 8.2.1692
    • ASP.NET Core Service Fabric integration - 8.2.1692
  • Java SDK
    • Java for Linux SDK - 1.0.6
  • Service Fabric PowerShell and CLI
    • AzureRM PowerShell Module - 0.3.15
    • SFCTL - 11.0.1


For more details, please read the release notes


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