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Thoughtfully designed with premium craftsmanship and high-quality hardware, the latest Surface devices are easier to repair and maintain, with more replaceable components and flexible choices in service. 1


Microsoft continues to innovate its serviceable designs to get the most out of Surface devices. Commercial customers can choose how to service their devices to solve issues quickly and minimize device downtime, whether through customer self-repair, 2 trusted Microsoft in-region repair, or a growing Authorized Service Provider (ASP) network. 


For documentation about service options and replaceable components across all Surface devices, see Surface for Business service and repair. 


Surface repair videos

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Surface Service Guides documentation, the following videos from Surface engineers show how to disassemble and remove replaceable components. This page will be updated with videos for the latest Surface devices.


Surface Laptop Studio 



  • Feet and the cosmetic plate
  • Remove the D plate
  • Remove the SSD
  • Battery cable
  • Display module
  • Remove the cable guides
  • Surface connect port and the audio jack


Surface Laptop Go 2 



  • Removing feet
  • Removing keyboard assembly
  • Removing battery
  • Removing thermal module
  • Removing antennae
  • Removing display
  • Removing SSD
  • Removing Surface Connect port
  • Removing PCBA
  • Removing fan assembly
  • Removing speakers


Surface Laptop SE 



  • Disassembly
  • Removal
  • Component removal


Surface service & repair reference 

This downloadable PDF lists serviceable components for all Surface devices.




1. Availability of replaceable components and service options may vary by product, by market, and over time. See Microsoft Service Guides at Download Surface Service Guides from Official Microsoft Download Center.

2.Components are replaceable on site by a skilled technician using Microsoft tools and following a Microsoft Service Guide. Opening or repairing your device can present various risks, such as electric shock, device damage, fire and personal injury risks, and other hazards. Use caution if undertaking do-it-yourself repairs.


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