Microsoft Host Integration Server Product Roadmap Survey

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If you are using Microsoft Host Integration Server, BizTalk Adapters for Host Files, Applications, MQ, Informix, DB2 or the Azure Logic Apps Connectors for DB2, 3270 or MQ, this is your opportunity to provide feedback in the Product Roadmap.


Microsoft Host Integration Server (HIS) technologies, adapters and connectors, enable enterprise organizations to integrate existing IBM host systems (Mainframes and Midranges), programs, messages and data, with systems running on-premises or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Besides the BizTalk Adapters, HIS provides Azure Logic Apps connectors to support not only hybrid integration with legacy systems but also to assist with phased Mainframe and Data legacy migrations to Azure.




As our customers consider the future of their Mainframe Integration, Midranges Integration, Legacy Data Migration, Message Queueing and Mainframe Modernization needs, the Microsoft Azure Integration Services Product Group, is interested on learning more about your current needs. We are also interested in how we can best support you transitioning specific integration workloads to the Microsoft Azure Integration Services. As such, we have prepared the following survey where you can provide feedback on your current Host Integration Server implementations and Modernization Plans: 







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