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We are excited to announce the release of auto-refresh of message counters on the queue overview blades in Service Bus portal experience. This feature updates the queue settings and message counters automatically in specific time intervals selected by the user to provide real time message counts within portal.


Queue settings and message counts


Every Service Bus queue overview blade on Azure Portal shows valuable information pertaining to the queue settings and messages on the queue. Some of the metrics exposed to users are as shown below:





Currently, the queue settings and message counts are only updated if the page is voluntarily refreshed by the user. A lot of users are interested in the metrics getting updated automatically when they are in an active queue without voluntarily reloading the page or refreshing the page. This also impacts customers flow introducing a context switch.


Enabling auto-refresh of message counters


The feature is set to “off” by default. Users are free to turn the Auto-refresh toggle to “on” and select the time interval at which they would like to see the counters refreshed automatically. Turning “on” the auto refresh feature selects 10 seconds refresh by default but users can select from 5 seconds to up to a 1 minute.


Steps to enable the feature –

Default – auto refresh is turned “off”



Toggle “on” the auto refresh to observe the Refresh after timer selected to 10 seconds by default.



Click to select more refresh timing option from the dropdown


Done, after you select, the auto refresh feature will be enabled on all the queues on your service bus namespace.



  • This feature once enabled will apply to all queues within the service bus namespace.
  • This is a portal specific feature. Hence, users cannot enable/ update/ disable the feature through PowerShell/ CLI

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