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I have blogged many maps to describe the Azure landscape. These have proven helpful and I've received a lot of positive feedback about them. The networking piece in Azure is taking more and more space, so I thought it deserved its own map. This map is primarily intended to describe native services, although in any Azure deployment, you will find third-party and open-source products as well. It is by no means exhaustive, but should help you find your way in the vast Azure Networking landscape. 


Feel free to zoom into the raw image for better readability.

I have divided this map into the following categories:


  • L3-L7: mostly about connectivity options, Network Address Translation (NAT) and load balancers
  • Firewalls:  the different types of available firewalls
  • L7: mostly HTTP load balancers and firewalls
  • DNS: the main option to manage public and private DNS
  • Troubleshooting monitoring: these help you troubleshoot network/firewall-related issues
  • Miscellaneous: typical concerns and concepts you will encounter when working with AKS, data services and private endpoints

Here is a link to the actual mind map

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