Now in Public Preview: Approval workflow for data asset curation

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As part of public preview, we have enabled workflows for Self-service data access workflow for hybrid data estate and Approval workflow for business glossary  Continuing our journey on workflows, we are now happy to introduce approval workflow for asset curation in Microsoft Purview. You can now streamline the entire approval process for asset updates like adding a business term, changing a classification, adding or removing owners, etc. by defining a workflow as per your organizational needs. With the enablement of approval workflow, the updates are saved to the Purview data catalog only after approval by data owners.


To get started with asset update workflow creation experiences, Microsoft Purview provides a template that can be used as is by populating the user ids, AAD (Azure Active Directory) groups, or a dynamic variable Asset. Owner in approval action. You can also customize the template to suit your organization's needs.




After the workflow is defined you can bind it to a collection hierarchy path. The workflow engine always triggers the workflow directly applied to a collection. If no workflow is directly applied to a collection the workflow engine travels upward in the collection hierarchy all the way to root collection to find the nearest workflow and trigger the same. This provides customers the flexibility to define a default workflow at a higher level and override the same with a different workflow at a lower level in the collection hierarchy.





If approval workflows for asset updates are defined and enabled on a collection, any update to data asset will guide the user to ‘Submit for approval’ instead of saving the same in Microsoft Purview’s data catalog.




To learn more about this capability, see our documentation here.

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