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The MVP Program has a long-term commitment to skilling through technical communities. In this interviews series focusing on skilling initiatives, we will be highlighting MVPs who actively contributes to the Skilling Program.


Jonas Rapp, Sweden



Tell us a little about yourself. What is your focus as an MVP and what do you do professionally?

“I’m a Business Applications MVPs. I’ve been a “developer” for close to 30 years now, but when I went into the Dynamics CRM area in 2009; I started to focus both on deployment and on development. What do I mean by that? Dynamics CRM – now Dataverse – has all the components we need for a full solution, and I can focus on creating awesome features instead of creating a database, design forms and views, relationships, rules etc.

I work for CRM-Konsulterna (CRMK). Officially I’m called “Tech Lead.” My unofficial title is “Lazy Dev Nerd,” Jonas says with a smile: “Yes, I am lazy, and I’m proud of it! I don’t want to write too much code. Less is more. Less is smarter.”


Why is skilling important and why do you want to contribute to skilling the broader community?

“I’ve been in this industry area forever. So yes, I know what I’m doing. It may work just fine, to use the knowledge I already have, but I don’t want to just “work in the way I’ve done” for years and years. I want to improve. I want to work smarter. I want to use the new features in C# and Dynamics 365. I love the Dataverse behind it, and even the broader Power Platform. In my opinion we have to use it. It’s due to my laziness. It really hurts me when I see people in the community working too hard. So, I want people to read a bit in the documentation at Microsoft Learn. Pick up new ideas, new technologies, new smarter solutions.

When I see someone out there improve their code – then I can sleep better, with a smile.”


How do you share your knowledge when skilling people?

“I use the tools that I have created and host on at the XrmToolBox, as the main channel for sharing relevant Microsoft Learn links. I want it to be easy to “find more info” about features in the tools.

There are links in my blogs as well, but on my website you have to intentionally read my blog – which I’m happy to say that many people do. However, some tech people are like me and find reading to be 100% boring. I want to make sure that people can find additional information whether they like reading blogs or if they, like me, just want to use the tools out there. Using my tools will make it natural, for a person like me, to go and read more.”

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