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This is a good one if you’re new to IT or catching up with the rapid changes of the last couple of years! Brush up on the different types of Windows updates, servicing channels, and delivery tools. Review essential documentation, practical learning modules, and a couple of videos –all in under two hours. Choose whether you want to start with the definitions or jump right into practical advice and a walkthrough of how to upgrade to Windows 11!

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 113 minutes


What is Windows as a service?

Brush up on Windows update builds, deployment, servicing channels, and servicing tools.

(11 mins)

Windows Insider + App Compat + Servicing + WUfB + WSUS + ConfigMgr



Managing Windows updates

Explore Windows servicing channels and learn how to use tools such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to deploy and manage updates for the devices in your organization.

(20 mins.)

GPO + Windows Insider + Intune + ConfigMgr + WSUS + WUfB + Delivery Optimization + Rings



What is Windows Update for Business?

Learn what Windows Update for Business is and how to configure it to control Windows update delivery. Learn how to keep client devices in your organization always up to date with Group Policy or MDM solutions. Brush up on the basics and best practices for managing devices, updates, and end-user experience.

(6 mins)

MDM + Intune + GPO + Windows Insider + Deferral + Pause + Deadline + Baseline



Managing Windows updates in the cloud (The Blueprint Files)

There are many ways to manage Windows updates. Take a look at the big picture, then dig into what role the client plays in both WSUS and cloud update management, and some of the key differences in how you manage Windows updates on-premises and in the cloud.

(24 mins)

Endpoint Management + Intune + WUfB + WSUS + GPO + Safeguard + Policy + Drivers



What is Delivery Optimization?

Delivery Optimization can help you reduce bandwidth consumption by sharing the work of downloading update packages among multiple devices. It works with Windows Update, WSUS, Windows Update for Business, or Configuration Manager.

(4 mins)

DO + Connected Cache + WSUS + WUfB + ConfigMgr



Windows Update for Business deployment service + Intune

Get the latest updates on what's new in the world of updating Windows, what's coming in the near future, and how to get ready!

(14 mins)

Endpoint Management + Intune + WUfB + GPO + Gradual Rollouts + Reports + Expedited Updates + Drivers + Rings



Getting to Windows 11 with Windows Update for Business

As a practical example, let’s look at Windows 11 feature updates. Learn how new scheduling and protections features in Windows Update for Business make it safer and easier to upgrade and update than before, whether using Microsoft Intune and other tools.

(19 mins)

WUfB Reports + Expedited Updates + MS Graph + PowerShell + Intelligent Rollout + Safeguard + Intune



The Windows Update policies you should set and why

Bookmark this easy, go-to reference to help you manage updates for single-user devices, multi-user devices, education devices, kiosks, billboards, factory machines, and more.

(15 mins)

WUfB + WSUS + Group Policy + GP + CSP + Compliance + Deadlines + Notifications + Restarts + Deferral

Just like in your favorite buffet, you have options for different scenarios, needs, and possibilities for feature update management. Whether you use Group Policy) or mobile device management (MDM) solutions, we’re here to serve you up with our best IT advice.

Here’s to this week’s skilling snack! Missed what this is all about? Check out Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros and our first skilling snack on Windows security fundamentals. Leave a comment below with topic ideas or to share your experience with peers!

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