Lesson Learned #329: DATABASEPROPERTYEX( DB_NAME() ,  ‘Updateability’ ) and db_datareader role

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Today, we got a question where our customer asked that if using ApplicationIntent=ReadWrite with an user with db_datareader permision, the results of DATABASEPROPERTYEX(DB_NAME(), 'Updateability') will be affected or not.


In this situation, let's try to create a business critical database with readscale out enabled and create the following user. Right now, the answer is not affected.



create user UserName with password = 'PasswordX2X3X1!' alter role db_datareader add member UserName



Once we have established the connection using SQL SERVER Management Studio using this user and execute the query






The results will be:




However, using applicationIntent=Readonly with the same user the results will be the expected one:




Additionaly, I would like to share an article that explain the behaviour when we are using Transparent Failover Group and ApplicationIntent at the same time - Lesson Learned #131: ReadScale Out and Failover Group - Microsoft Community Hub



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