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Choosing Azure for your app modernization is an important first step, and figuring out how to effectively leverage all that Azure has to offer is the secret to your success. We believe hands-on experience is key to helping you design a plan to modernize, deploy, and manage your web applications. Azure Immersion Workshops are a collection of digital events designed with a focus on technical learning and inspire usage via hands on experience. We are excited to share that the Azure Immersion Workshop to Modernize .NET apps on Azure App Service is now available. 




The Modernize .NET Apps workshop is designed to help you evaluate and prioritize your applications for modernization and gain the practical skills required to map out a successful migration strategy. From practical demonstrations that showcase best practices to guided modules that deliver hands-on experience, you will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to modernize your web apps, how to best utilize a managed service like App Service, and what you can do to get started.


What to expect from the Modernize .NET Apps workshop

This 4.5 hour interactive, intermediate- to advanced level workshop—for everyone from developers to IT professionals—features content developed by Microsoft and delivered by our world-class partners. The workshop is comprised of the following sections:

  1. Introduction to application modernization on Azure
  2. Whiteboard design session
  3. Hands-on lab: modernize .NET apps
  4. Q&A and next steps discussion



  1. Introduction to application modernization on Azure

.NET is an open-source platform used by many developers to build enterprise applications. Azure can help you modernize your .NET apps by providing unmatched productivity, fully managed offerings, and seamless migration. We use Azure App Service, which is a fully managed service with built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching, and scaling – making it an ideal service to meet your modernization and migration needs. 


  1. Whiteboard design session

In the whiteboard design session, you will work with a group to analyze and design a solution for moving legacy on-premises applications and infrastructure to the cloud. As part of the session, you’ll discuss a preferred solution to a typical customer app modernization scenario, covering concepts such as tooling to support app and data modernization, DevOps, and serverless. These conversations will serve to improve your plan design and implementation abilities.


  1. Hands-on lab

In the hands-on lab portion of the workshop, participants will implement the steps to modernize a legacy on-premises application, including upgrading and migrating the application and the database to Azure and updating the application to take advantage of serverless and cloud services.


Guided by a prompt based on a fictional organization looking to move their hosted web application to the cloud, the lab is broken up into five interactive exercises:

  • Setting up Azure Migrate
  • Migrating applications with App Service Migration Assistant
  • Migrating on-premises databases to Azure SQL Database
  • Setting up CI/CD pipeline with GitHub Actions for the web app
  • Using serverless Azure Functions to process orders

These exercises will help participants improve their understanding of Azure and further develop the ability to build solutions to modernize applications and infrastructure using cloud services.


  1. Q&A and next steps discussion

Once you have a greater understanding of best practices, design patterns, common obstacles to avoid, a strategy for migration, and the hands-on experience to put your modernization strategy into practice, we conclude the workshop with an opportunity to have tailored one-on-one conversations with industry experts specific to your unique journey to the cloud.  


Take the next step toward modernizing your .NET applications today

Azure App Service helps you achieve your modernization and migration goals, and the Azure Immersion Workshop for .NET provides organizations the training and skills needed to implement their strategy quickly and effectively. By the end of the half-day workshop, you will know how to evaluate and prioritize. NET applications for modernization, understand how Microsoft technologies can help increase .NET application resiliency and allow them to scale easily, and be able to modernize existing applications with minimal changes.


Here's a sneak peek at one of the hands-on labs you will learn as part of the workshop. Along with the recently announced Modernize Java Apps workshop, these workshops are part of our commitment to support you through the entire modernization journey. Interested in getting started with either of these workshops? Connect with your Microsoft representative to learn more about joining the next Azure Immersion Workshop in your area. 


If you are a partner interested in delivering this workshop 

The entire experience is fully packaged and ready to go out of the box, setting you up for success as a trusted advisor to meet the .NET application modernization goals of your customers. Each event lasts from 4-5 hours: one hour of discussion and three hours of immersive hands-on learning. 


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