Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter – February 2023

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Welcome to the new Logic Apps Aviators community. We're excited to share our first newsletter with you. Read more about this new initiative and catch up on recent Microsoft news from us and our community.


In this issue:

Introducing the Azure Logic Apps Aviators community



Welcome to our new Azure Logic Apps community initiative called #LogicAppsAviators. The goal of this community is to bring together like-minded integration enthusiasts to share knowledge, create upskilling opportunities and have some fun along the way.  


Be on the lookout for future community gatherings such as the Azure Community Stand-up, monthly newsletters, community member spotlights and much more. 


Don’t forget to use the #LogicAppsAviators hash tag when publishing on social networks so we can easily discover and amplify the great work that is taking place in our community.

News from our product group:



Microsoft named a Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide 

We are excited that for the fifth consecutive time Gartner has positioned Microsoft as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide. We believe this placement is a testament to our continued investments in customers' integration needs. 


BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services Migration Content 

We have centralized our list of resources that help customers move their integration workloads from BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services. On this page you will find links to our migration architecture guidance, Ask the Experts videos, and links to product investments.



Using File connector with LA Standard 

The File system connector is now available for use with Azure Logic Apps (Standard) in Application Services Environments (ASE). In this post we will walk you through how to set it all up. 




ISE Retirement what you need to know (FAQ) 

Last September we announced the retirement of Integration Service Environment – ISE. This service infrastructure had a dependency on the Classic Cloud Services, which is being retired at the end of August 2024. ISE will retire at the same date. As we know you might have some questions, here is a list of the most common questions related to this topic. 




Connectors GA 

We have added a whole new set of connectors as built-ins in Logic Apps Standard. The built-in connectors share the same runtime as Logic Apps and therefore provide better performance and throughput. They can run within VNET without the overhead of on-premise data gateway. For majority of first party connectors to Azure services, we have added the support for Managed Identity as well. Majority of these connectors are now GA. 




How to elevate SAP legacy integration patterns to cloud native with Azure Integration Services 

Do my patterns change when moving from SAP Process Orchestration (PO) or Process Integration (PI) to cloud native? Learn more in the blog series. Natural choices are Azure Integration Services or SAP Integration Suite on Azure. 




Best practice guide how to run SAP PI/PO on Azure  

Learn how to best run the legacy middleware SAP Process Orchestration (PO) or Process Integration (PI) on Azure. Typical patterns include Azure API Management to front the SAP APIs adding for instance throttling capabilities that are missing in PI/PO. 



News from our community:

Azure Application Insights vs Log Analytics: Which one should you choose? 

Post by Michael Stephenson


We often speak to organizations about Azure and one of the common questions is what is the difference between App Insights and Log Analytics? In this article we will aim to discuss those differences and overlaps. 


How to execute Stored Procedure in Logic App  

Post by Maheshkumar S Tiwari


It is very common scenario in integration space, where we have to connect to the database for some CRUD operations.  So, we have two options either write a query for each operation or create a stored procedure and call it. Both will serve the purpose, but which is better? 


Azure Logic Apps Standard REST APIs 

Post by Sandro Pereira


Learn how to use the Azure Logic Apps (Standard) REST APIs to help with exception handling and other operational needs. 


Revolutionize Your Cybersecurity Incident Response with ChatGPT , Microsoft Sentinel and Logic Apps 

Video by AzureVlog


Discover the power of automation in cybersecurity incident response with ChatGPT, Microsoft Sentinel and Azure Logic Apps. You'll see a live demo of a logic app interacting with ChatGPT and watch as it generates clear, actionable incident response instructions.  


Lessons learned migrating SAP PI/PO flows to Azure Integration Services 

Post by Christoph Hanser


Learn about the upcoming end-of-life of SAP PI/PO and the considerations when moving to Azure Integration Services. 


Automatic SAP Business Technology Platform trust store certificate renewal with Azure Key Vault 

Post by Martin Pankraz


Learn how to orchestrate automatic trust certificate renewal with SAP Business Technology Platform orchestrated by Azure Logic Apps. 


Easy integration using Azure Logic Apps | SAP Blogs 

Post by Bartosz Jarkowski


Learn how to build two Logic Applications that can communicate with the SAP system. The first one will periodically scan the Microsoft OneDrive looking for new files which content will be used to create an IDoc. The second app will send us an e-mail notification as soon as the IDoc is sent from the application server. 


Automate invoice processing using Azure Logic Apps and Cognitive Services | SAP Blogs 

Post by Bartosz Jarkowski


Learn how Azure can help you with automating manual data collection and entry challenges by automating entering invoices to the SAP system. 


Using Logic Apps to connect to an SAP System 

Video by SAPonAzure


See how you can listen to changes in an Account from Dynamics and update related entries in your SAP system leveraging the SAP Connector in Logic Apps.  

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