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The technical nature of cloud infrastructure involves components such as virtualization, software as a service (SaaS), storage systems, networking technologies, databases, serverless computing services, and more. As these technologies continue to evolve and become more integrated, it’s increasingly important for companies to understand how they work in order to maximize the potential benefits. 


As an IT professional, staying competitive means always improving your skills. Cloud computing continues to revolutionize how organizations run their businesses and Microsoft is a key leader in this ever-growing sector. To stay up to date with these advancements and to keep your organization’s workloads and infrastructure well governed, you can take advantage of our wide range of Azure Infrastructure training and skilling programs. Not only will you be developing abilities as an investment in your career, but you’ll also make a lasting impression on your organization and industry by taking advantage of the newest technologies.


Whether it is preventing costly hardware investments or streamlining complex processes within organizations, there are many powerful advantages to gain by properly understanding cloud infrastructure. With its scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, deploying cloud infrastructure solutions within an organization's existing environment can be incredibly beneficial for both short-term cost savings as well as long-term growth potential.  


Get started on your Azure Infrastructure journey 

With our lineup of learning paths, skills challenges, certifications, and other resources, you’re sure to find something new on your cloud adoption journey and find the tools you need to manage your company’s Azure digital estate.  


Azure Skills Navigator 

Download these role-based guides with a variety of resources to help build and deepen your knowledge of Azure.

Network Engineers

Learn how to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions, including hybrid networking, connectivity, routing, security, and private access to Azure services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Begin by learning why centrally managed backup for on-premises and cloud data is best for reducing the management burden and costs of a BDR infrastructure while optimizing the speed and reliability of backup and data recovery operations.

System Administrators

Deepen your knowledge of Azure fundamental concepts of cloud computing and Azure core infrastructure services, management, monitoring, security, and compliance.

Solution Architects

Explore core solutions, then move on to solution design principles, including security and compliance. Discover deployment tools and methods to help bring your solution architectures to life.


Official Azure Infrastructure Learn Collections 

Curated content that prepares you for certification exams, specific job roles, and common technical problems all into one place. These lists can help you efficiently skill up for new career opportunities or business needs.

SAP on Azure Resources 

Browse the latest white papers, e-books, webinars, videos and blogs to make transitioning your SAP estate to the cloud as seamless as possible. 

Azure Center for SAP solutions 

Review a complete, unified experience for deploying and managing SAP workload on the Microsoft Cloud. 

Azure Compute 

Protect your data while in use with Azure confidential computing. Learn about the best practices to modernize your cloud infrastructure. 

Azure Networking 

Learn about hybrid networking, Private Link, Virtual Network Managers, and DNS. 

Azure Network Security 

Protect your applications and cloud workloads from network-based cyberattacks with network security services. 

Azure Storage 

Find out how to massively scale and secure data lake storage for your high-performance analytics workloads, 

Azure AKS on Azure Stack HCI

AKS on Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server automates running containerized applications at scale. AKS makes it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows containers in your datacenter.

Azure Arc 

Discover how to extend the Azure platform so your customers can build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, edge, and multicloud environments.  

Azure VMware Solution 

Learn more about running VMware resources on Azure VMware Solution, including how to migrate and modernize your business. 


Simplify managing your Azure virtual machines and Arc-enabled servers through Automanage.

Azure Stack HCI 

Stay up-to-date with the latest Azure security, performance, and capabilities with Azure Arc–enabled Azure Stack HCI. 

Azure Monitor

Collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from your Azure and on-premises environments to maximize performance and availability of your applications. 

High Performance Computing 

Review a complete set of computing, networking, and storage resources integrated with workload orchestration services for HPC applications. 

Azure Virtual Desktop 

Plan the architecture for an Azure Virtual Desktop deployment, manage access and security, and manage user environments and apps. 

Hybrid and Multicloud 

See how to innovate anywhere with Azure Arc and the most comprehensive portfolio of hybrid solutions available 

Business continuity and backup, disaster recovery 

Learn everything you need to know about architect migration, safeguarding cloud resources, and Azure Backup. 

Windows Server 

Take charge of your Windows Server hybrid cloud management, monitoring, and security. 


Azure Infrastructure Certifications 

Azure Fundamentals 

Azure Fundamentals 

Associate Certifications 

Specialty Certifications 

Expert Certifications 

Azure Solutions Architect Expert 


Microsoft Virtual Training Days 

Take advantage of free, in-depth, virtual training events that guide you toward the many possibilities for career and organizational impact today and tomorrow. Many events offer closed captioning in over 20 languages. Check out the full list of events for dates and times, and watch for new ones to launch! 

Infrastructure-related events:

  • Fundamentals 
  • Well-Architected 
  • Azure Virtual Desktop       
  • Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure 
  • Linux OSS Database Migration 
  • Migrating On-Premises Infrastructure and Data 
  • Operate and Secure with Azure Arc 


Microsoft Azure Connected Learning Experience  

The Connected Learning Experience program is a four-step program that prepares you for the Microsoft Azure certification exams while optimizing your learning experience and minimizing time invested. New tracks are coming soon! 

Infrastructure-related learning tracks: 

  • AZ 900 
  • AZ 104 
  • AZ 800 
  • AZ 801 


30 Days to Learn It  

Build skills and start your preparation for Microsoft Certifications by completing a challenge within 30 days. Select your challenge, work through learning modules, and exchange ideas with peers through a global community forum.

Infrastructure-related challenges: 


Microsoft Learn Live 

In this series of Learn Live videos, instructors with deep knowledge of Microsoft technology walk participants through a wide array of Microsoft Learn modules in real time and answer questions live. 

Infrastructure-related videos: 


Your path to skilling begins here 

With our library of curated trainings, videos, and certification exams, you have a chance to spark new possibilities in your career. Your newfound expertise in Azure infrastructure can be applied to any number of real-life business scenarios, opening avenues for innovation that help you and your company grow.

Get started today at learn.microsoft.com.  

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