Leveraging Microsoft Playlists for Video and Audio Delivery

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HLS Show Me How.pngOrganizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging rich media, audio and video, to message, instruct, and engage, their employees. Microsoft Stream on SharePoint Online makes the storage and delivery of audio/video simple but how do you present it to employees in an elegant, easy to consume and navigate format? Enter Microsoft Lists and the new Playlist template. “Playlists - a new and simple way to curate and share video or audio collections within Microsoft 365. Until now, you had to build a SharePoint page with web parts and load in the content to create a video collection. With playlists in Microsoft 365, you add content using the new 'Playlist' template in Microsoft Lists. Once you have the right collection of audio or video files, it's instantly ready to playback and share. This combines Lists ease of use with the trusted value of Stream (on SharePoint) powering the playback experience. “ - Use Playlists to create collections of video or audio files in Microsoft 365

In this HLS Show Me How video I walk you through the setup of Playlists for both video and audio content. Additionally, I walk through re-exposing that content via Viva Connections and Viva Home. Finally, I show how to quickly drop in a created playlist into any Team in Microsoft Teams.


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