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This article is brought to you by the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) for Black and African American Communities Program Technical Team. For information on how to take advantage of the granted offerings or free technical consultation, please visit: Supporting Black Community Nonprofits | Microsoft Nonprofits


Nonprofit Operations Toolkit is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform and integrates seamlessly with Office 365 capabilities. The toolkit consists of Power Apps that use familiar tools such as Excel and SharePoint to keep critical information accurate and accessible. The toolkit makes use of key tables included in the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator including:  Award, Budget, Designation and Delivery Framework. It helps to implement effective project and awards management processes that reduce costs and build trust with funders.


The nonprofit operations toolkit can centrally manage their award budgets, have workers enter time and expenses through a mobile application, approve submitted time and expenses, and track costs to the budget.


Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator

The Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator and Common Data Model for Nonprofits help organizations eliminate data silos, enabling powerful insights into their data. Microsoft is dedicated to working with nonprofits and partners to develop solutions based on entities and attributes that nonprofits are commonly used for constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery, and impact tracking.

These entities include, donor commitments, designations, transactions, awards, disbursements, delivery frameworks, results, indicators, benefit recipients, and more. The nonprofit accelerator provides a uniform platform for customers who wish to connect, embed, or extend the Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Power Platform and benefit from integration with Common Data Model for Nonprofits.


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