Announcing general availability of FSLogix 2210 hotfix 1!

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We are pleased to announce the general availability of FSLogix 2210 hotfix 1 (2.9.8440.42104). Huge thank you to the community of customers who have opted into our Early Release Preview list.  These testers helped to ensure the fixes listed in our known issues page were resolved.


What's new in FSLogix 2210 hotfix 1?

During the release of 2210 GA, our team posted in the known issues page the significant change to how we were addressing identity roaming. We quickly heard from the community and our customers that this was a big problem. We quickly partnered with our identity team and created a configuration setting to re-enable this roaming behavior while a more long-term approach is evaluated.


Additionally, three (3) other issues which were not discovered in our previews became hot topics on social media and through our support channels. We've confirmed these issues are resolved and added a variety of other fixes.


To learn more about this release, please visit the FSLogix release notes.


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