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If the latest in code and application development is not your focus area of technology, you might be tempted to give the Microsoft Build conference a miss this week. But if you manage infrastructure & cloud resources, play with low-code/no-code apps or support teams of developers, we’ve dug into the session scheduler to find the topics for you.


Register at the Microsoft Build website and catch the content live in person in Seattle, WA, online live or online on-demand.


Don’t miss

Inside Azure innovations with Mark Russinovich
Mark’s highly anticipated session at each year where you can geek out over the technology in our Azure datacenters … and find out how many concurrent games of Pong he can run.


Topics for IT Pros

Deploy & manage storage volumes with Azure Container Storage
If you’re familiar with managing storage for files or virtual machines, in this session you’ll learn how storage applies to container technologies including AKS.


What’s new in Container Networking
When you’re not running cables anymore, learn about the Azure Container Networking Interface and network observability.


Manage resource from cloud to edge using Azure Automanage machine configuration

Meet the latest features and the roadmap of the product formerly know as Azure Automanage Guest Configuration – including remediation scenarios, Virtual Machine Scale Set support and more.


Modernize your applications on Azure SQL Managed Instance - Q&A
Open discussion on our Azure SQL Managed Instance platform – performance, capabilities and cost savings.


Develop in the cloud with Microsoft Dev Box
Learn how you can provision and manage cloud-based machines preconfigured with the tools your developers need.


Self-serve app infrastructure using Azure Deployment Environments
Learn how you can use standardized, project-based templates to help your developers deploy the infrastructure they need.


The Old New Thing with Raymond Chen – Q&A
Why does Alt+F4 close a window, or what is the decoder ring for Windows Build numbers? Dive into the development of the Windows operating system.


Pragmatic techniques to get the most out of GitHub Copilot
Learn our expert tips for AI-assisted coding and apply them to infrastructure and scripting or just amaze your developers.


Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends
When the argument comes up again, this session with arm you with why Windows is the best platform for developers, and what’s coming soon to make it even better for them.


Cloud native & containers

Modernizing your applications with containers and serverless
Learn about the world of modern cloud-native applications and the architectures and technologies your developers might be building on.


Building & scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure
Learn how to run cloud-native serverless and container applications in Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Applications. We help you choose the right service for your apps. We show you how Azure is the best platform for hosting cloud native and intelligent apps, and an app using Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Data. Learn all the new capabilities of our container platforms including how to deploy, test for scale, monitor, and much more.


Integrating Azure AI and AKS to build intelligent apps
Build intelligent apps that leverage Azure AI services for natural language processing, machine learning, Azure OpenAI Service with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and other Azure application platform services. Learn best practices to help you achieve optimal scalability, reliability and automation with CI/CD using GitHub.


Securing container deployments on AKS with open source tools
Discover how Notation and Ratify can increase the security of your container deployments.


Cloud-native & Linux on Microsoft Azure – Q&A
Join Cloud Advocates from Microsoft’s Cloud Native and Linux team for a roundtable discussion covering the breadth of our cloud-native and Linux offerings in Azure. They’ll also share samples, demos, tips, and techniques throughout the session.


AI all the things

The era of the AI Copilot
Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott is going to be talking about the OpenAI future that your developers might be keen to embrace.

Getting started with generative AI using Azure OpenAI Service
Learn how businesses are using Large Language Models to generate personalized marketing text, images, reports and more.


Shaping the future of work with AI
Join EVP Experiences + Devices, Rajesh Jha and EVP & Chief Product Officer Panos Panay to hear about how developers can shape the future of work with Microsoft 365 Copilot and unlock a new era of AI and productivity with Windows 11.


Low code/no code

AI innovation in the Microsoft Power Platform
Learn how AI can drive faster and simpler code-first development on the Power Platform.


The future of app development with the Microsoft Power Platform
Where does AI fit into a low code/no code world? How can your professional developers integrate Power Platform with Visual Studio & GitHub? Here from Charles Lamanna, CVP Business Applications & Platform, and friends.


Designing & implementing automation and conversational AI – Q&A
Join the conversation on effectively developing & implementing automation and conversational AI platforms to improve business process automation and chatbots.



Explore the Microsoft Build session catalog  to see sessions in your local time, add your favorites to your schedule, or save them to your backpack for later.






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