Azure Logic Apps Mission Critical Series: “We Speak IBM Host Files”

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Today we will start our Azure Logic Apps Mission Critical Series: "We Speak", with the "IBM Host Files" technologies. 


There are multiple types of IBM Host Files. Host files can exist in Mainframes or Midranges and have their own types and characteristics.


For instance, VSAM or Virtual Storage Access Method is a file storage access method used in Mainframes and Midranges. It was introduced by IBM in 70’s and it organizes and maintains data in a catalog structure.


VSAM files can be used in COBOL programs like other physical sequential files. VSAM are the logical datasets for storing records. The records in a VSAM file can be of fixed length or a variable Length. VSAM files can be read sequentially and randomly in COBOL programs.


With an increasing demand on modernizing or migrating Mainframe or midranges applications that use Host File data such as VSAM files to Azure, it is becoming more common to access this files and integrate them into Modern solutions.


Microsoft provides two ways to access and operate with IBM Host Files. The first by connecting directly to them via the Managed Host Files Provider and the second to operate with them in a disconnected manner via the IBM Host Files connector (offline parser).


The following video explains how to work with IBM Host Files and includes a demonstration of the features available in Host Integration Server and Azure Logic Apps for that purpose.



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