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VM & VE, there are two different solutions that are a part of MC4N (Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits).

Volunteer Management: It's built on Microsoft Power Apps, with the Nonprofit Common Data Model as its foundation.

Volunteer Engagement: It's built on Microsoft Power Portal, with the Nonprofit Common Data Model as its foundation. Volunteer Engagement complements Volunteer Management. That allows for volunteers to interface with the nonprofit.

The Volunteer Engagement portal is a pre-built Power Apps Portals solution, which makes it easy for organizations to get started quickly.

The portal is connected to Volunteer Management, which means that all applications made through the portal are automatically received as participation records in Volunteer Management. 

Deployment Overview

You deploy these solutions in Microsoft Cloud Solution Center. Solution Center provides a central place to deploy industry cloud solutions from Microsoft, including solutions that are part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

Volunteer Management Features/capabilities

The Volunteer Management application is built for users who manage volunteers for their nonprofit organization. Key capabilities of Volunteer Management include:

  • Publish engagement opportunities: Design the opportunity and define the qualifications, skills, and shifts needed.
  • Approve volunteers: Review volunteer profiles and qualifications, and then approve individuals to participate in engagement opportunities.
  • Track volunteer onboarding: Quickly and easily understand what stage of the onboarding process the volunteer is in.
  • Manage day-of activities: Track attendance and balance shift volumes when an activity is happening.
  • Communicate with ease: Define automated messaging to ensure your volunteers receive timely logistics, training, and gratitude for their time.
  • Gain volunteer insights: Understand who is registering for, failing to show up to, and repeatedly contributing time to your organization.

Volunteer Engagement Features/capabilities

Volunteer Engagement complements Volunteer Management. With Volunteer Engagement, volunteers can:

  • Search for and view engagement opportunities: Volunteers can search for open engagement opportunities and view details.
  • Sign up for engagement opportunities: Volunteers can sign up for engagement opportunities directly from the portal, which sends the request to Volunteer Management.
  • Track volunteer hours and engagements: Volunteers can see how many hours they volunteered and their previous and upcoming engagement opportunities.
  • Manage profile information: Volunteers can update their profile information, which includes contact information, availability, preferences, and qualifications.
  • Easily track volunteer requests and profile changes: Volunteer managers can easily post engagement opportunities and track volunteer applications with seamless integration between Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement.


Volunteer Management provides important integrations:

Email integration and Power Automate: nonprofits that would like to use email for messaging volunteers, Power Platform has out-of-the-box integrations with several email services. In addition, a Power Automate flow could be built so that each time a message activity is created in the system, an email is sent via your email service.

SharePoint: Volunteer managers deal with several documents associated with volunteers or coordinating engagement opportunities. Power Platform has an out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint that can be configured to allow volunteer managers to store files and easily access files from the Volunteer Management application.



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