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Today, I’m here to say our Azure SQL Managed Instance video series called Brief Introductory Technical Series is moving to AzureSQL channel on YouTube!


We, SQL MI team, together with our friends in Microsoft, have been working on the video series since February 2023. This originally started on Azure SQL Managed Instance channel, but this summer we’ve decided to migrate to Azure SQL channel.


YouTube | AzureSQLYouTube | AzureSQL


We’re proud to say we’ve released more than 30 videos in 6 months. We’ve been covering a wide range of topics such as high availability and SLA, Private Link, Windows authentication or creating an alert.


So, if you haven’t already – subscribe to AzureSQL on YouTube to help us be more visible and to make sure you see our next videos. The old channel will stay. You will be able to see old videos there, but new ones will be coming to AzureSQL.


Our "old" :) Azure SQL Managed Instance channelOur "old" :) Azure SQL Managed Instance channel


All videos, old or new, can be found on the playlist Azure SQL Managed Instance.


If you’d like to see specific topics covered, please leave your ideas in a comment in any video. If you like the content we’re making, feel free to like & share. And if you don’t like the content – do let us know in the comment section. We’d love to hear more feedback from anyone who’s watching.



Other ways to provide your feedback and contact SQL MI team are:

And finally, I will close this blog post with a recent video we’ve released. See you on AzureSQL channel!

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