What’s new in Viva Insights – July 2023

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We’ve introduced some exciting updates to Viva Insights in July, including a new integration with BetterUp®, enhancements to a few Power BI insight names, and several new Power BI reports.  


BetterUp integration 

We’re excited to announce that you’ll soon get BetterUp content integrated into digest emails and the Viva Insights app in Teams and on the web. By providing stories about how wellbeing and productivity go hand-in-hand, qualified Viva Insights users can access world-class coaching content and drive wellbeing and performance in the workplace.  


Learn more about BetterUp here: https://www.betterup.com/about-us 


How does it work? 

Starting in August, a new episode will appear each month in your digest email. We’ll keep releasing new episodes for six months.  


What kind of content will I see? 


You can engage with inspirational video content from top luminaries, including: 

  • Maria Sharapova, world-class athlete 
  • Aurora James, designer, creative director, and philanthropist  
  • Nims Purja, record-breaking mountaineer 
  • Michaela Coel, actor, screenwriter, and producer 
  • Lori Gottlieb, psychotherapist and author 
  • Welby Altidor, creative director and author 


This video content is enriched with practical guidance and learnings relatable and applicable to everyday life.  


Guided exercises 

In addition to videos, you can also access guided exercises, like:  

  • Visualizations  
  • Self-reflections 
  • Intentional breaks 
  • Values affirmations 
  • Meditations  



To help you become more aware of your strengths and opportunities for growth, you can also take personalized self-assessments on the BetterUp site. 


New and updated Power BI reports  

Note: You can find all generally available Power BI reports in the advanced insights app’s analyst experience, on the Analysis page. 


Meeting effectiveness report – updated insight names  

As part of our commitment to providing valuable tools for our customers, we’ve updated how we name insights in the Meeting effectiveness report template. While the report hasn’t changed any conclusions it draws from data, insight names now look a bit more actionable and intuitive: 


Previous name 

New name 

Advanced meeting notice 

Short notice 

Attendee availability 


Ended on time 

Ended late 

Joined on time 

Joined late 

No multitasking 


Short and small 

Large and long 


Read more about this change in our recent blog post: Updated insight names in Meeting Effectiveness report template - Microsoft Community Hub. 


Onboarding and development report – generally available 

A new Viva Insights Power BI report, Onboarding and development, is now generally available. This report focuses on the critical phase of new-hire integration and development of those who’ve landed new roles. Research shows that 20% of new hires leave in the first 45 days of employment. These high turnover rates among new employees pose challenges for organizations, making it crucial to understand the effectiveness of new hire integration initiatives, such as networking opportunities and regular 1:1 meetings with managers. 


According to Wiley’s Personnel Psychology report, chances of employee turnover decrease 40% when employees network with each other and build strong internal networks. The Onboarding and development report allows HR leaders to take a deeper look into how quickly new hires build their networks and the effectiveness of new hire integration strategies to further identify areas for improvement. 


Let’s explore key ways to maximize this report below: 

  • Identify improvement areas: Identify teams with high turnover rates and target specific areas for improvement. 
  • Enhance manager-new hire relationships: Measure manager 1:1 time and encourage more frequent and meaningful interactions to build stronger networks, reduce turnover, and increase employee engagement. 
  • Promote learning and development: Gain visibility into time spent on learning-related activities for those new to role and identify opportunities to provide additional resources and support for their growth. 
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration: Encourage cross-functional team meetings during new hire integrations to facilitate network building and help new hires feel welcomed. 
  • Increase onboarding impact: Track the progress and impact of onboarding initiatives over time, enabling data-driven adjustments to optimize the onboarding experience for new hires. 

With the Onboarding and development report in Viva Insights, organizations can address turnover, strengthen new-hire integration, and foster continuous learning and development. 


You can read more about this release here: Dive deeper into workforce patterns with new Viva Insights Impact explorer and Onboarding - Microsoft Community Hub. 


To access the product documentation, go to: Onboarding and development report | Microsoft Learn. 


Impact explorer report – generally available 

Another new Power BI report, Impact explorer, is also generally available.  


This report helps leaders: 

  • Identify areas to enhance productivity and engagement. 
  • Explore how taking action related to those areas might impact their organizations.  

For example, the report might identify large and long meetings as an area for positive change. Leaders can then use the report to explore how cutting these meetings to reclaim time for employees might impact their organizations. Leaders might also choose to measure how preserving time for individual work has positively impacted their organization over time. 


By quantifying how initiatives and strategies might impact their organizations, stakeholders can make informed decisions about which initiatives to adopt. They can also customize those initiatives for employee groups who could benefit from them the most. 


Here are a few key ways leaders and analysts can use the Impact explorer report: 


  • Understand how reducing meeting length and frequency affects employee productivity. 
  • Quantify how much time could be redirected to focus on important work and deliverables. 
  • Learn how employees are adopting focus time and how well they’re able to use that time to complete tasks without interruption. 
  • Analyze how focus time impacts work-life balance and reduces after-hours work. 
  • Discover ways to improve manager-employee relationships by optimizing how often and how long managers and employees meet 1:1.  

To access the product documentation, go to: Impact explorer Power BI report | Microsoft Learn.  


Viva Insights with Glint report – private preview 

We’ve recently released a new Power BI report to private preview: Viva Insights with Glint. This report connects sentiment data from Glint and collaboration data from Viva Insights. With this report, you can find out which behaviors drive certain sentiment outcomes, then take action to improve employee sentiment and behavioral metrics.   


Specifically, you can use this report to: 

  • View which four survey questions Viva Insights metrics have the strongest relationship. 
  • Select a survey question and pair it with a subset of Viva Insight metrics. To drill down further, use attribute filters that show changes in: 
    • Glint question score. 
    • Correlation strength. 
    • Behavioral trend data. 
    • Favorability breakdown against behavioral data. 
  • Here are a few images of the experience: 






 To preview this report, please fill out this formStay tuned here to find out when this report is generally available. 


Viva Insights Automated organizational data import – private preview 

We’re excited to announce three new data-import features for Viva Insights. To get your feedback, we’d like to invite you to join our private previews. 


What are these features? 

These features import organizational data from HCM data sources to the advanced insights app and allow that data to refresh periodically.  

  • The first feature imports organizational data from any data source via “CSV Push” to Viva Insights API.  
  • The second feature imports organizational data directly from Workday using Workday credentials.  
  • The third feature imports organizational data via “CSV Pull” from a file share location. 


What kind of benefit do these features offer? 

These features can help your data stay current over time. Instead of you manually uploading a .csv file at a set cadence, the imports send data to Viva Insights at the frequency you pick. When analysts run queries or managers and leaders view insights, they’ll see the most up-to-date data based on your import frequency. 


Who from my organization will need to be involved?             

To set up these features, you’ll need to involve these roles: 

  • Insights Administrator 
  • Microsoft 365 global admin 
  • Azure contributor 
  • Data source admin (e.g., Workday admin)  

How do I sign up? 

Please fill out this form, and we’ll contact you with next steps.


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