MidDay Cafe Episode 39 – Growth Mindset, High Perf Orgs, Viva, and more!

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For this week’s MidDay Café hosts Tyrelle Barnes and Michael Gannotti were both remote and connected via Microsoft Teams. In this episode the two discussed the importance of a growth mindset for individuals and organizations. They then discussed the importance of a growth mindset in creating High Performance Organizations. Then they brought it home to discuss how the growing Microsoft Viva Suite maps to the elements of a High-Performance Organization and how orgs can take advantage of the capabilities it provides for immediate gains. Finally, along the way updates to Copilot and Viva are discussed as well as a new addition to the Microsoft 365 family.


  • Intros/Kickoff
  • We will also discuss a podcast Tyrelle recently listened to on Growth Mindset.
  • Microsoft Viva and High-Performance Organizations.
  • Learn about the newly GA’d (General Availability) Viva Pulse as well the new Viva Insights Impact dashboard.
  • All that plus latest updates on Microsoft Viva and Microsoft 365 Copilot plus … a dash of the newly released Clipchamp for Microsoft 365!
  • Wrap Up

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