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We’re excited to announce that we’re adding to the existing custom query options in Viva Insights, to allow analysts to uncover more information about how different parts of their organization collaborate with others. 


Three new custom query types are now available: person-to-person queries; person-to-group queries; and group-to-group queries.  


While our existing person and meeting queries allow you to uncover data around how groups of people or teams spend their time by themselves, these new queries allow you to analyze how individuals or groups spend their time with others 



Important: To maintain de-identification, individuals are always assigned a randomly generated ID for these new queries. There is no way to identify an individual in a query’s results. 


Like our existing person and meeting queries, these new queries allow you to add metrics, filters, and employee attributes to customize them to your needs. 


Person-to-person queries let you analyze how frequently people in your organization collaborate with each other, which in turn can help you determine how well employees can access their network’s resources.  


With this query, for instance, you might discover that two employees collaborated often with each other over the past four weeks, but they have few network connections in common. This might suggest that these employees have high innovative potential, because they work with others outside of their shared interactions. 


Person-to-group and group-to-group queries, meanwhile, let you learn more about how individuals invest their time across different groups, or how groups of people collaborate with each other, respectively.  


With a group-to-group query, for example, you could measure how often, and in what way, the engineering team collaborates with the design department. The query’s results could help business leaders identify new ways the teams could collaborate on important projects. 


Learn more about cross-collaboration queries in Viva Insights and how you can set them up.

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