Modernize Customer Service campaigns in a box in Partner Marketing Center

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Customer expectations have never been higher. Meeting them requires personalized service, high-quality interactions, and seamless experiences at scale. This is a great opportunity for Microsoft partners to transform the customer experience using meaningful customer service interactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Partners can grow their D365 business offerings by helping companies streamline their support operations.


We're excited to announce the new industry aligned Modernize Customer Service campaigns in a box in Partner Marketing Center, These campaigns are designed to help you grow your service pipeline, generate new demand and take advantage on the huge opportunity that evolving the customer service experience within a single solution represents.


By leveraging campaigns, you can accelerate time to market and drive demand generation for prospective Healthcare, Banking and Government customers. Each individually packaged CiaB includes eBooks, infographics, emails and more – with comprehensive execution guidance to help you go-to-market with ease.


Download and utilize, free and fully customizable CiaBs in Partner Marketing Center to drive end-customer demand generation for your D365 Customer Service solutions.



Download the CiaB

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