Azure Marketplace new offers – August 29, 2023

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 107 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Academia by Serosoft.png

Academia by Serosoft: Academia ERP by Serosoft is a cloud-native solution designed to digitally transform your educational institutions through process automation and AI-powered analytics. It enhances educational experiences from inquiry to graduation.

ANK Insight.png ANK Insight: Empower your data engineers and boost productivity with ANK Insight data observability platform. Get proactive insights into your data health, streamline end-to-end data journeys, and harness low/no code technology for seamless collaboration.
Average Prices API .png

Average Prices API: This application helps companies access and integrate updated data from the Brazilian market database of average grain prices. Average Prices API also provides data analysis and visualization tools so you can make informed buying and selling decisions.

Blockchain Lab Sandbox Real Digital (SaaS).png

Blockchain Lab Sandbox Digital Real (SaaS): Digital Real is a Central Bank of Brazil initiative to create a digital version of its national currency, the Brazilian real (BRL). This platform from BBChain is a secure and private environment to simulate transactions and develop use cases related to tokenization.

Certifier logo final.png

Certifier: HelloVerify's Certifier delivers certified profiles, location authentication, AI-driven risk assessment, and compliance management for safeguarding privacy through advanced technology.

CKD Journey Assistant.png

CKD Journey Assistant: Plan Heal's CKD Journey Assistant bot revolutionizes health management with AI-driven monitoring, personalized patient engagement, and streamlined care coordination for enhanced efficiency in the battle against chronic kidney disease (CKD).

ClimateCamp - Sustainability Platform.png

ClimateCamp - Sustainability Platform: This SaaS-based solution supports supply chain emissions management with efficient tracking, target setting, and reduction initiatives. The app lets you navigate carbon footprints and meet SBTi and CSRD requirements for collaborative environmental stewardship.


CoinPay: CoinPay revolutionizes digital payments through a blockchain-driven application that ensures secure, efficient, and inclusive transactions for global accessibility, reduced costs, and enhanced regulatory compliance.

Colon Health Journey Assistant.png

Colon Health Journey Assistant: Plan Heal's scalable and secure Colon Health Journey Assistant offers personalized remote care to support and empower patients during their healthcare journey. Powered by generative AI and real-time insights, the health bot supports patient, care providers, payor, and pharma for coordinated care.

Debian 10 with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server.jpg

Debian 10 with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server: Designed for users who want to easily manage web radio stations of all types and sizes, Virtual Pulse s.r.o. has built this image containing Debian 10 with AzuraCast Web Radio Server. AzuraCast is a free, open source, all-in-one, self-hosted web radio management suite.

Debian 10 with ownCloud File Share Server.jpg

Debian 10 with ownCloud File Share Server: This offer from Virtual Pulse s.r.o. provides a preconfigured image of Debian 10 with ownCloud File Share Server on a ready-to-run Azure virtual machine. ownCloud collaboration server offers users an easy way to share files and folders without risking data loss, theft, or privacy infringement.

Diabetes Journey Assistant.png

Diabetes Journey Assistant: Plan Heal's scalable Diabetes Journey Assistant revolutionizes remote patient support by offering personalized insights, cost-effective solutions, and real-time care coordination. The bot utilizes generative AI to bridge quality and equity gaps and provides holistic care.


DocExtractor: This hyper-automation platform is designed to extract structured information from unstructured documents using natural language processing, machine learning, and text analysis. Streamline your business operations and enhance accuracy with DocExtractor.

DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft.png

DocuSign eSignature for MicrosoftDocuSign's seamless eSignature integration with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform streamlines agreements, boosts productivity, and ensures secure, error-free collaboration. Maximize your Microsoft investment with enhanced identity verification and optimized workflows. This purpose-built, AI-driven, end-to-end platform helps your sales, legal, HR, finance, and procurement teams to manage the entire lifecycle of their documents and contracts without switching tools. Eliminate fragmented processes and workflows with

Dolibarr - Corent Open SaaS.png

Dolibarr (Open SaaS): Companies and foundations of any size and even freelancers can use Dolibarr by Corent Technology for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) via a simple, powerful web-based interface with modules for additional business needs.

Enabling Azure AD SSO and MFA for JD Edwards (JDE).png

Datawiza: This seamless, easy-to-deploy solution integrates Microsoft Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Oracle JD Edwards, EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Hyperion, making implementation straightforward and fast.

Enterprise Architecture.png

Enterprise Architecture: Mavim offers enterprise architecture leaders a holistic platform that provides visualization of landscapes, applications, processes, and KPIs on a level of abstraction that’s easy for management and non-architects to understand.

Euphoria Sisoft Technologies Logo.png

Euphoria CRM: Billing and Invoicing: This application by Sisoft Technologies optimizes your business operations by providing swift and simplified billing processes, customizable receipts, inventory control, and comprehensive sales analysis and insights.

Euphoria Sisoft Technologies Logo.png

Euphoria CRM: Lead Management: Euphoria CRM lead management application empowers your marketing team by streamlining sales processes such as customer engagement, campaign management, and order tracking while securing data with end-to-end encryption on the cloud.

Exocare by ActionTracker.png

Exocare by Actiontracker: Available in Spanish, Actiontracker's IoT solution transforms your workforce and machinery management by enhancing safety, productivity, and decision-making through real-time data and insights.


Feedlink: Feedlink IoT solution helps monitor the level of solid and liquid feed in your farm silos with remote radar sensor technology. Eliminate shortages and downtime with reliable feed inventory data in real time and keep your livestock healthy with optimized supply chain management.

FintechOS Platform.png

FintechOS Platform: This Microsoft Azure-based FintechOS platform streamlines financial product configuration by providing accelerated value realization with personalized and differentiated products and customer journeys at scale.

HealthFAX - Mental Health Monitor.png

HealthFAX - Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment: HealthFAX Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment tool utilizes HealthGPT and other AI-driven interactions to proactively monitor and detect your risk for cancer. The app is for informative and educational purposes only.

Heart Health Journey Assistant.png

Heart Health Journey Assistant: Plan Heal's health bot offers patients living with cardiovascular disorders a holistic disease management solution that is scalable, affordable, and predictive. Using AI-powered remote monitoring, caregivers can access patient data in real time.


HelloV: HelloV verifies workforce qualifications using AI and WhatsApp. Designed to run instant background checks, it allows enterprises, small and midsize businesses, and start-ups to screen individuals before hiring.


HyLyt: Available via software as a service, HyLyt’s centralized digital workspace offers privacy-focused management, encryption, and content control. The app ensures seamless and secure collaboration and maintains data confidentiality.

HyLyt Android.png

HyLyt Android: HyLyt's patented unified digital solution for Android enables seamless and secure collaboration and information management on mobile devices. Enhance productivity with privacy-focused content management and encryption.


ID-REDACT: ID-REDACT fortifies your data with AI-driven redaction technology to achieve over 99 percent accuracy in detecting and removing sensitive information while ensuring seamless compliance with various regulations.

Infobip Communication Services.png

Infobip Communication Services: Infobip’s omnichannel integration platform enhances your communication strategies with unified API services through multi-channel solutions to improve message deliverability and innovation while reducing costs.

Island Enterprise Browser.png

Island Enterprise Browser: Island's Chromium-based enterprise browser creates a fortified workspace enabling organizations to control data interactions and enhance security by achieving governance across various enterprise scenarios.

Listerr Loyalty Magnet Program.png

Listerr Loyalty Magnet Program: Waah Marketing’s solution equips your sales team with tools such as rewards, offers, and marketing automation to build customer loyalty, engage clients, and drive business growth.

Live Encoding.png

Live Encoder: Built using the award-winning file-based Bitmovin VOD Encoder, Live Encoder is a live streaming software platform with top-tier audio and video quality, scalability, and comprehensive customization tools to enrich your media and entertainment experiences.

Lycee- Educational Institution Management System.png

Lycee: Educational Institution Management System: Lycee is an educational institution management system offering diverse modules that facilitate seamless communication, efficient administration, and optimal learning experiences.

Miracle on Cloud - Hospital Information System.png

Miracle on Cloud - Hospital Information System: Designed to transform healthcare management, Miracle on Cloud HIS optimizes hospital operations, enhances patient care, and fosters seamless collaboration through a comprehensive software as a service (SaaS)-based solution.

Miracle on Cloud - Laboratory Information System.png

Miracle on Cloud - Laboratory Information System: Miracle on Cloud LIS is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline laboratory management processes, automate workflows, and deliver accurate results while ensuring data security and compliance.

Moodle Workplace.png

Moodle Workplace: Moodle Workplace is a flexible, secure enterprise platform for employee learning, onboarding, and compliance training. It merges easily with your learning management system (LMS) and HR systems and establishes a distinct platform for each department.


MyApp4Docs: Create, customize, and transfer digital solutions to your clients with MyApp4Docs. This no-code platform lets you create a marketplace of reusable apps for recurring revenue by allowing you to replicate and customize apps for each client.


MyLycee: This educational institution portal lets students, parents, and teachers create profiles and access notice boards, alerts, academic calendars, event and performance information, assignments, fees, payroll, and more. Live Streaming.png Live Streaming: With advanced features, robust security, and an intuitive platform, lets you stream corporate events, webinars, classes, or any type of real-time broadcast. This application is only available in Portuguese. OTT.png OTT: The over-the-top (OTT) solution from lets you build a custom streaming platform with a unique layout, ensuring your brand is highlighted in every interaction. This application is only available in Portuguese.

Nextcloud 27.0.0 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Nextcloud 27.0.0 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04: This suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services is available in 60 languages and scalable from home office software based on Raspberry Pi all the way through full-size data centers supporting millions of users.

Plate Sensev0.1.png

Plate Sensev0.1: Samajh.AI's mobility data solution leverages computer vision technology and harnesses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize your real estate utilization by devising smart space usage and innovative parking solutions.

PredictRAM - For Financial Analysts.png

PredictRAM - For Financial Analysts: PredictRAM elevates your analyst’s capabilities through AI-powered dashboards for data visualization, personalized client insights, real-time market monitoring, and AI-driven research.

ProActive Discover upgrade to BC or FSCM.png

ProActive Discover ERP Upgrade: If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, ProActive can upgrade your existing environment to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.


QuantamDeck: QuantamDeck elevates construction project management with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 so you can instantly share, collaborate, and connect project schedules while keeping all jobs on track with daily progress reports and safety inspections.

Ready To Sail by ActionTracker.png

Ready To Sail: Available in Spanish, Actiontracker’s solution enables real-time monitoring, automation, and safety enhancements for your maritime adventures. IoT trackers let you remotely monitor activities aboard your yacht and maintain bidirectional communication with crew.

Redmine - Corent Open SaaS.png

Redmine - Corent Open SaaS: Corent Technology offers Redmine, an open-source web-based tool for streamlined project organization, issue tracking, role-based access, time tracking, and SCM integration for simplified project management.


RepairWorks: This cloud-based POS software allows technicians to track repair jobs, stay on top of inventory, and manage multiple store locations. Grow your device and appliance repair business with this one-stop job management solution from Assurify Technology.

Rocky Linux 8.8 LVM-Partitioned.png

Rocky Linux 8.8 LVM-Partitioned: ProComputers provides a minimal, ready-to-use LVM-partitioned image of Rocky Linux 8.8 Gold, an open-source enterprise operating system designed to be bug-for-bug compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

School 360.png

School 360: School 360 is a comprehensive digital learning platform that enhances collaboration, assessment management, personalized learning experiences, and equitable resource sharing for students, educators, and parents.

Smart CRM.png

Smart CRM: Smart CRM is a cutting-edge SaaS tool that harnesses AI and cloud technology to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes for personalized interactions and efficient automation.

Smart HRMS.png

Smart HRMS: As a cloud-based SaaS solution empowering organizations to enhance employee experiences and make informed decisions through data-driven insights, Smart HRMS elevates HR efficiency.

SmartStore - Corent Open SaaS.png

SmartStore (Open SaaS): SmartStore is a flexible ecommerce application built on the latest Microsoft technology stack. It can create multilingual, multicurrency stores for desktop and mobile and enable SEO-optimized, comprehensive product catalogues with discounts, vouchers, and more.

Standard Moodle on Azure.png

Moodle on Azure: Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that empowers educators and learners with flexible tools for online learning and collaboration. It’s fully customizable and saves time by facilitating more engaging learning experiences.


StreamCast: StreamCast, a white-label, over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform, lets users enjoy high-quality video and audio content across multiple devices. Personalized content recommendations, powerful search, and multi-language support enhance user experience.

Student Information System.png

Student Information System: Unique Creations offers this ERP solution for seamless online admission, academic and student information management, employee oversight, fee tracking, and transparent communication for educational institutions.

Suppeco- Supplier Relationship Platform.png

Suppeco: Supplier Relationship Platform: Suppeco is a collaborative relationships platform designed to drive top-line value in supply chain operations. It offers real-time insights and automated workflows through structured and reciprocal supplier relationships.

Third Eye.png

Third Eye: This advanced assessment platform lets educators, students, and parents collaborate to create personalized learning experiences. Third Eye drives better educational outcomes by creating captivating lessons tailored to individual learning needs.

Today Exchange Rate.png

Today Exchange Rate: Get real-time exchange rates with this easy-to-use currency converter tool. Today Exchange Rate provides historical exchange rate data for legal currencies and cryptocurrencies and allows you to make informed financial decisions.


TokenCoin: TokenCoin digital payment application offers a secure, efficient, and inclusive payment experience leveraging blockchain's ability to create a cost-effective and compliant payment solution.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server.jpg

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server: Designed for users who want to easily manage web radio stations of all types and sizes, Virtual Pulse s.r.o. has built this image containing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with AzuraCast Web Radio Server. AzuraCast is a free, open source, all-in-one, self-hosted web radio management suite.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share Server.jpg

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share Server: This offer from Virtual Pulse s.r.o. provides a preconfigured image of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share Server on a ready-to-run Azure virtual machine. ownCloud collaboration server offers users an easy way to share files and folders without risking data loss or privacy infringement.

Ubuntu 18.04 with Kanboard- Project Management.jpg

Ubuntu 18.04 with Kanboard: Project Management: Virtual Pulse s.r.o. provides this virtual machine image of Ubuntu 18.04. with Kanboard. Kanboard is a free and open-source Kanban project management software designed to bring clarity and agility into your DevOps workflow.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server.jpg

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with AzuraCast - Web Radio Server: Designed for users who want to easily manage web radio stations of all types and sizes, Virtual Pulse s.r.o. has built this image containing Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with AzuraCast Web Radio Server. AzuraCast is a free, open source, all-in-one, self-hosted web radio management suite.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share Server.jpg

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share ServerThis offer from Virtual Pulse s.r.o. provides a preconfigured image of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with ownCloud File Share Server on a ready-to-run Azure virtual machine. ownCloud collaboration server offers users an easy way to share files and folders without risking data loss or privacy infringement.

Ubuntu 20.04 with Kanboard- Project Management.jpg

Ubuntu 20.04 with Kanboard: Project Management: Virtual Pulse s.r.o. provides this virtual machine image of Ubuntu 20.04. with Kanboard. Kanboard is a free and open-source Kanban project management software designed to bring clarity and agility into your DevOps workflow.


U-Stream: This advanced over-the-top (OTT) platform from Katam Technologies offers an extensive range of audio and video content, including podcasts, music, movies, TV shows, and more, allowing service providers to monetize immersive and secure streaming experiences.

Virtual Classroom.png

Virtual Classroom: Unique Creations learning management platform provides quality education to students in virtual classrooms by integrating tailored learning experiences with live streaming, chat, screen sharing, syllabus planning, and online examination.

Virtuosis AI.png

Virtuosis AI: Virtuosis utilizes AI with Microsoft Teams to analyze your voice and tone during meetings and then offers private recommendations tailored to your well-being. Find ways to uplift your mood with GDPR-compliant analytics and personalized insights.

Volo DevOps Accelerator SaaS.png

Volo DevOps Accelerator SaaS: Designed to empower your DevOps team, Volo's landing zone solution streamlines the adoption and acceleration of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure for rapid deployment, cost optimization, security, CI/CD automation, and scalability.

Warranty Works.png

Warranty Works: Gain real-time insights into warranty activities, pending insurance claims, and performance metrics with Assurify Technology’s warranty management tool. User-friendly dashboards and customizable workflows streamline processes and communication.

Zee Autonomous Virtual Attendant.png

Zee Autonomous Virtual Attendant: Create personalized, automated interactions with customers at scale using ZeeChat Technology’s virtual assistant. Available in Portuguese, Zee is a WhatsApp-based solution utilizing speech recognition and generative AI technology.

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Citrix Consulting on Azure- 5-Day Implementation.png

Citrix Consulting on Azure: 5-Day Implementation: In this implementation by ITSTACK, Citrix consultants will deploy and configure Citrix solutions on Microsoft Azure. You will benefit from the scalability and global reach of Azure's infrastructure while taking advantage of Citrix's industry-leading virtualization and remote access technologies.

Data & AI Consulting Services- 3-Month Implementation.png

Data & AI Consulting Services: 3-Month Implementation: Leverage LACO's expertise in delivering powerful BI solutions and learn to set up a modern data analytics platform on Microsoft Azure. This service will consolidate and analyze vast amounts of your data, optimize operations, and identify growth opportunities.

Increase Business Efficiency with AI-ML- Training Workshop.png

Increase Business Efficiency with AI/ML: Training Workshop: Available in German, Advanced Digital Network Distribution's training offers a holistic program to streamline your business processes and drive better business outcomes with AI/ML and Microsoft Azure native services.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID- 3-Week Workshop & Proof of Concept.png

Microsoft Entra Verified ID: 3-Week Workshop & Proof of Concept: In this combination workshop and proof of concept offering, the experts from Formula5 will help you understand decentralized identity concepts and implement secure identity solutions using Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

Ricoh ESG Azure Data & Sustainability- 1-Day Workshop.png

Ricoh ESG Azure Data & Sustainability: 1-Day Workshop: Utilizing Microsoft Azure data platforms and AI services, Ricoh will help organizations achieve ESG goals and comply with European sustainability regulations by creating robust data models and leading with collaborative environmental practices.

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Generative AI Readiness Assessment and Proof of Concept

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MailRisk Data Connector for Microsoft Sentinel

Migrate Emails and Files to Microsoft 365


Obsys Flow

Operational Digital Twin

Pyramid 2020.28.140 on Ubuntu 20.04

Qohash - Enterprise Data Security Solution

QoreStor (Object-Direct) 7.2.0

Redapt Synapse Accelerator Template

SC Tech RFID Utilities

SixPivot FinOps Cloud Cost Management

SYNERGIZ's Harbor Mixed Reality Collaboration Platform

Synthesized Scientific Data Kit: Improve Fraud Detection


Valley Innovation: OPCGest for MME

Valley Innovation: OPCGest for SME

VMware Scoping Workshop by Tanzu Labs

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