MidDay Cafe Episode 42 – Microsoft Viva Glint Edition

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midday42image.pngThe data is in and in a do more with less reality today organizations that foster an engaged workforce are delivering better metrics than their counterparts, including in revenue generation. (see Work Trend Index 2023) Microsoft Viva Glint helps organizations create a culture of feedback and action. With Viva Glint organizations can see and analyze strengths and opportunities, compare benchmarks, and use suggested actions to drive business outcomes.

In this MidDay Café hosts Tyrelle Barnes and Michael Gannotti host Principal People Science Manager, Justin Bethke, Microsoft Viva Glint. During the session Justin covers topics such as:

  • What is Glint and how does it fit into Microsoft Viva?: Justin explained that Glint is a tool to measure and improve employee experience and happiness, and that it was acquired by LinkedIn and then moved to Microsoft as part of Viva, the employee experience platform.
  • What are the trends and best practices in employee listening and surveying?: Justin shared that the frequency and cadence of surveys should depend on the business outcomes and problems that the organization is trying to solve, and that combining active and passive data (such as from Viva Insights) can provide more insights and actionability.
  • How to transition and transform to a newer approach of employee listening?: Justin suggested that organizations can start with smaller or more targeted surveys that match their talent or business rhythms, and that they should push the ownership and accountability of the results and actions to the lowest level possible, such as frontline managers.
  • How to leverage AI to assist in employee listening and action taking?: Justin mentioned that Microsoft Copilot, the AI engine, can help leaders and managers to analyze and interpret the survey data and comments, and to suggest next steps and actions based on the insights.
  • *(topics pulled from video using Copilot in Teams Meetings asking Copilot to recap the meeting)

Microsoft Viva Glint has the potential to help transform an organization and it comes with the Microsoft Viva Suite.


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