Azure Monitor cost optimization using Azure Advisor

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Azure Advisor is a free offering that can help you avoid problems and save money by providing you with proactive best practice guidance.


This helps customers optimize the cost, operational quality, performance, reliability and security of their Azure resources. This, in turn, helps increase overall satisfaction with and usage of Azure.


  • Consider configuring the low-cost Basic logs plan on selected tables:

    This recommendation identifies an ingestion of more than 1 GB per month for tables eligible for the low-cost Basic Log data plan.
    The Basic Log plan gives the customer the ability to use search capabilities for debugging and troubleshooting at a much lower cost – read more.


  • Consider Changing Pricing Tier:

    Each Log Analytics workspace in Azure Monitor can have a different price tier. This recommendation identifies Log Analytics workspaces that should be in a different pricing tier and tells which tier your workspace should change to. – read more.



  • Consider removing unused restored tables:

    If you use the restore function, you may forget to delete the restored tables after the operation is complete, resulting in high costs and frustration.
    This recommendation detects restored data that has been active in your workspace for more than a week. It is then recommends to delete the table to avoid unnecessary costs.
    read more.

  •  How do I see my recommendations?

    • Log in to Azure Portal
    • Search for Advisor, in the search pane:



  • All of the recommendations relating your resources will be shown divided to categories. In the next few months, we will add the Advisor to the table of content in the Azure Log Analytics resource.



  • New recommendations will be added in the next few months to help you reduce your overall cost in Azure Monitor and detect anomalies.

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