Query data in Azure Data Explorer and Azure Resource Graph from Azure Monitor

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Azure Monitor lets you query data in Azure Data Explorer and Azure Resource Graph from your Log Analytics workspace and Application Insights resources.

You can run cross-service queries by using any client tools that support Kusto Query Language (KQL) queries, including the Log Analytics web UI, workbooks, PowerShell, and the REST API.

Query data in Azure Data Explorer

Enter the identifier for an Azure Data Explorer cluster in a query within the adx pattern, followed by the database name and table.


Query data in Azure Resource Graph

  • Enter the arg("") pattern, followed by the Azure Resource Graph table name.




  • Database names are case sensitive.

  • Identifying the Timestamp column in the cluster isn't supported. The Log Analytics Query API won't pass along the time filter.

  • The cross-service query ability is used for data retrieval only.

  • Private Link does not support cross-service queries.

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